Turtle Love Co., have been one of our favorite sponsors for a while now, because they constantly show us so many great pieces of handmade designer jewelry to ogle. And whether you're shopping for that one special engagement ring, looking for unique wedding bands or maybe a pair of funky pearl earrings for your Maid of Honor — this li'l indie biz has you covered. And this time they've taken their inspiration directly from nature.

Water-lovers and beach bums check it out! TLC has some gorgeous diamond ring alternatives for you. Consider the Ancient Modern Blue Topaz Ring handcrafted with 18k satin-finish gold or a sapphire ring from designer Adel Chefridi. But personally, I'm head-over-heals for that Blue Sapphire Solitaire Engagement Ring, which definitely appeals to my beach-loving side.

If you're not the type to want a big honkin' diamond ring because it'd get in the way when you're rock climbing or doing other outdoor activities… check out the Gold Branches Ring, or this set of Rose Gold Vine Rings. Also the Shakudo Branch Necklace (shakudo is a really awesome rare alloy) or the Crowning Laurels Silver Necklace would be a fabulous addition to your outdoorsy wedding ensemble.

Show your passion for the environment with the Laurel Leaf earrings or the Silver Moon Equinox necklace. And you could literally go green with the Modern Green tourmaline ring and the Sentimental Tsavorite and Silver necklace, both with beautiful vibrant green stones.

If you like more of a classic look with a modern twist, check out Turtle Love Co's pearl collection. Shown above are the Spiral pearl earrings, the Golden Moon pearl necklace, the Pearl Coin Necklace, and the Wave Pearl Earrings.

TLC isn't just for the ladies … they have a collection of men's wedding bands that goes beyond “gold wedding band” and lets your man show off his personality too. Shown above is the the Rustic Men's Wedding Band. They also have matching ring sets. Shown above is the Thick Hammered Silver Ring, the Hammered Silver Ring, the gorgeous Nested White Pearl Ring (as a set with the Hammered Silver Ring).

Really, my fingers are getting tired of typing about all their amazing jewelry options, you're better off just heading over to Turtle Love Co. and get lost in all their wedding jewelry goodness.

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Comments on Nature-inspired wedding jewelry from Turtle Love Co.

  1. Love Love Love the sapphire solitare!!! It’s the first engagement ring with colored stones that I’ve really fallen in love with:D

  2. There are some really beautiful pieces here. I just wish they weren’t gendered. 🙁

    • SassyGrrrl,

      Thanks for your feedback! It’s definitely a challenge to present these works in ways that simultaneously (a) make shopping easy for customers and (b) meet our own standards for gender equity and marriage equality.

      Are you looking for more gender-neutral pieces, or are you concerned about the categories that we use to organize the jewelry within the site?

      Do you have suggestions? We’d truly love to hear them.


      Head Honcho, Turtle Love Co.

  3. my fiance proposed to me over the holiday w. the nested pearl engagement ring and it’s gorgeous! at the moment, their customer service is being ever-so-wonderful in assisting me w. resizing–very quick in communications.

    absolutely love that it’s a unique, handcrafted style of ring, that the metals are recycled and, above all, that it fits our modest budget 😉 glad to see it showcased here.

    • my hunny also proposed to me with the nested pearl ring as well! i absolutely love it and have gotten compliments from everyone that sees it. it was too big, and they did an even exchange. i was only without my ring for a couple of days. i highly recommend TLC!!!

  4. I have a citrine from Turtle Love that is perfect for me. It’s a beautiful yellow stone that is perfect since we eloped in Yellowstone.

  5. Okay im so faving this blog. It all speaks to me so deeply. I am defiantly an offbeat bride (My wedding ideas concisted of everything from a blackNred vampire theme to DIY school theme) Sadly tough for many reasons we ended with a traditional small wedding. Le sigh

    Im not giving up on having a vow-reneval party and sooner or later were going to have a big anniversery ^^

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