How do you get that flawless, natural wedding makeup look? This makeup line is changing the game

Updated Oct 1 2018
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How do you get that flawless yet natural wedding makeup look? This makeup line is changing the game

One thing we definitely know about readers of Offbeat Bride: they run the gamut when it comes to the "rules" of wedding makeup. Some go the traditional route of hiring a pro, some do it themselves, and some go totally makeup-free. And we've seen all genders rock killer makeup looks. We do know that they want to make sure their wedding makeup lasts, looks amazing, and is cruelty-free. And that's totally why we love partnering with Per-fékt Beauty since they absolutely GET offbeat weddings.

Here's the sitch on what they can offer you (or your chosen makeup artist!) that will keep your makeup looking gorgeous dahling while lasting ALL day and making you want to wear it forever and ever after.

How do you get that flawless yet natural wedding makeup look? This makeup line is changing the game
Skin Perfection Gel
Per-fékt Beauty is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!
Per-fékt Beauty is a super high quality, understated makeup collection thatʼs easy to use, and that highlights your natural beauty. It's kind of like a no-makeup makeup look that's enhanced for this kind of occasion. Think you, but with airbrushed quality that looks amazing on camera. It's already got a huge following from makeup artists and celebrity clients. And the reason for this, other than how great it looks, is that it's free of parabens, gluten and cruelty free, and is easily available online for anyone who wants to have a luxury makeup experience at an afforable price.

How do you get that flawless yet natural wedding makeup look? This makeup line is changing the game
Lash Elixir Kit

Oh, and if you're of the sensitive skin variety (like I am!), you'll love that it's high quality and isn't full of unnecessary chemicals and additives. So if you don't normally wear makeup but want to on your wedding day, this is a great line to try for that.

How do you get that flawless yet natural wedding makeup look? This makeup line is changing the game
Cheek Perfection Gel

Here are just a few of our favorite key products that amp up your wedding makeup look and make it last long into the night…

Get that falsie look without falsies

The Liquid Lash Curler is a curling fiber mascara that works as an eyelash curler, mascara, and even falsies all in one. So if you're not a pro with an eyelash curler, you need this bad boy. Oh, and for the full monty, try their Lash Elixir Kit!

Nothing beats a good brow

We are in a renaissance of amazing, full brows. I hope this trend never dies. And to snag that full, natural, but totally groomed brow look, the Brow Perfection Gel
is perfect to tame, shape, and gently tint your brows so they don't get totally washed out in photos.

Y'all need primer!

On a loooong day when you'll be crying, dancing, sweating, hugging, and whatever… your makeup needs a primer to last. And this one is RAD: Skin Perfection Gel. It's a tinted primer that will give you that blurred-out look to make a canvas for the rest of your look.

Get dat glow

If there's one day you might want to get on the blush bandwagon, it's when you're in front of a camera. Adding a smidge of long-lasting gel or cream blush will ensure you look glowing and blissfully flushed. Per-fékt Beauty's Cheek Perfection Gel is a smooth and silky formula that will give you that didn't-stay-awake-all-night-fretting look. Win.

Seriously, though, this is just the start of their line of makeup that will give you that effortlessly gorgeous wedding look that is still totally you. They're all easy to use and easy on the wallet at the same time. Go take a peek at their full line and see what's missing from your skin and makeup routine that will get you all glowed up for the wedding and beyond.

Oh, and follow them on Insta for promos and discounts, too — including a big fall sale going on right now!

    • Lol I know! It's actually for people who are sensitive enough to gluten that putting it on their skin can be a problem. But they do say you shouldn't put anything on your skin that you wouldn't put in your mouth, so who knows: there could be a whole subculture of make-up eaters out there! 😛

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