This is what it looks like when you get married at a Natural History Museum, like Leslie and Emory just did. (All photos are courtesy of LA's Serene Images Photography.)


To see a couple more photos from this awesome, quintessentially offbeat wedding, keep reading…


Yes, this is them with their minister standing in the main hall with dinosaur bones.

The dinosaur motif was present on their wedding programs, which were little fortune tellers…

And also on their wedding invitations…

To see lots more shots and even a little write-up, head on over the Serene Images Photography blog.

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Comments on Natural history museum wedding

  1. OMG! I love the LA Natural History Museum! I had no idea you could have weddings there!

  2. We wanted to do something like this but the licences weren’t valid for the actual museum parts…only the function rooms. 🙁 Sad,sad,sad times, especially when looking at how bloody awesome this is!

  3. OMFG. my wedding is Dino themed…so this is amazing. wowwwwww.

    i love ever bit of it! :]

  4. oh my freakin heck, i want to get married again. Hmmm, i wonder if i could talk my dear husband into doing a 10 year renew our vows thing???? 🙂

  5. I LOVE IT!!! I’m looking and searching and wishing for a wedding in a museum of some sort although I doubt our budget will allow. But this, this is too freakin cool!

  6. This is seriously my dream wedding. Wow. I am frequently cynical, but boy am I happy to live in a world where someone is awesome enough to put dinosaurs on their wedding invites. Love this!

  7. OH! I saw this one before! Matt Nolan uploaded some pictures to his flickr 😀

    I still think the bit with the lights and the dinosaur skeletons is amazing

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