Natural Black hairstyles to inspire you to put down the creamy crack

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Ariel pinned this cute shot of a bride rockin' her Natural ‘do with a sweet little birdcage to the Offbeat Bride Pinterest account. Once I saw this, I disappeared down a rabbit hole of awesome natural hair options. Oh, the beastly time-drain that is Pinterest. Le sigh. But my time-suck is your gain! Check out these lovely styles for natural textured hair, whether it be curly, kinky, coarse, or super thick.


This crazy-gorgeous lady is sporting short twist curls and white flowers. You could stick on a headband, a fascinator, a mini top hat, a house cat… anything works with this style.


This looks professionally done, so if this chick is just going out shopping, consider me jealous of her mad hair skills. I see this updo as very veil-friendly — and do I smell a hint of Janelle Monae in that pomp?


Speaking of veil-friendly, here is a bride with some classic braids. But this time she's braided herself a little retro headband! LOVE!


Here is more retro style in the form of victory rolls. And you know where this came from? A Youtube tutorial from ThePinupNoire, for the hair-impaired like meeeee! Watch and learn, my lovelies. (And don't forget to snag a “hair rat” for making the faux bangs!)

Oh and finally, I loooove how Starla rocked her natural hair, as featured in this Offbeat Bride post from a couple years ago:


For those of you rocking natural texture on your wedding day: how are you doing your ‘do? Share some inspiration in the comments!

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  1. I just wanted to say how much I appreciated this article! As a natural bride planning my offbeat wedding, I am in the middle of making this decision right now! Thanks for being inclusive of ALL of us brides today!

  2. OMG, I do not think I have ever seen a bridal blog feature a post for natural black hair. LOVE YOU GUYS!

  3. Awesome post! This is the only post I’ve ever seen about African-American hairstyles. I specialize in catering ethnic events and this is a complaint I here very often. Well done, guys.

  4. Thank you thank you so much for showing love to the natural sisters! Love it!!!

  5. Luuurve this post! My hair is natural and I wore it in a pinned up-do with a purple veil and feather clip. I searched the internets for months before the my wedding date looking for natural hair styles and was very disappointed by the slim pickins’. My frustration was exacerbated by the fact that I was having a destination wedding in Prague and I had to entrust my hair to a lovely lady that NEVER saw let alone touched ethnic curly hair before. I did find a few styles I liked and took pictures of myself in a do’ my hair dresser at home created and took those to my hair trial the day before our nuptials. I ended up with an awesome do! 🙂

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