12 natural black wedding hairstyles for the offbeat and on-point

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Photo courtesy of Essence
Photo courtesy of Essence
Once you start searching, there are so many rad examples of wild and elegant natural black wedding hairstyles. Seriously, check just this link as an example. Drool-worthy, amiright? I did some hand-picking of my favorites in this third edition of ass-kicking natural black hair. Yep, there are two previous editions, in case you missed them.

Let's take a gander at what we've got this time. Spoiler alert: it's brides totally owning their kinks, locs, twist-outs, and curls. And then share your plans for a natural wedding style in the comments, because I know that it's the JAM for some of you.

Photo courtesy of Urban Bush Babes. Photo by Rad + In Love
Photo by Rad + In Love via Urban Bush Babes.

Okay so, I'm kind of digging this whole scene: crocheted shawl, best cleavage ever, and of course, the full fabulousness of the mane. Pretty people are pretty.

Photo by Tare
Photo courtesy of Tare

The little white flower is totally working here, but it's the voluminous tiny twists bringing it home.

Photo courtesy of Blackgirllonghair.com
Photo courtesy of Blackgirllonghair.com

Kinda retro, uber gorgeous, DO WANT. Oh, and can you say ultra perfect makeup, too? Jeez.

Photo by Sweissbach Photography
Photo by Sweissbach Photography

Ugh, I'm kicked in the teeth with sweetness from this pair. Her short style is amazing with the clean lines of that dress, but I'm also sneaking peeks at Cutie McGroomface over there and his ponytail. Oh, sorry, got distracted.

Photo courtesy of Naturally Nicky
Photo courtesy of Naturally Nicky

I'm getting a come-hither vibe here. Anyone else? Oh, you already went there? Figures. The lady knows the value of a twist-out updo.

Photo courtesy of Munaluchi Bride
Photo courtesy of Munaluchi Bride

Ooh, tiny twist-outs in a half updo! I love the barrette, too.

Photo courtesy of Munaluchi Bride

Are you loving this mysterious birdcage look? That is chic as hell.

Photo courtesy of Bridal Musings. Photo by Christa Elyce Photography
Photo by Christa Elyce Photography via Bridal Musings.

This bride's ‘fro looks like it's glowing with that tip color. It doesn't even need the sunshine I spy on her shoulder to glow. Also, sexy neck snog? Yes, please.

Photo by Sophia Barrett Studios
Photo by Sophia Barrett Studios

Dude, is it getting hot in here, or what? It's like I did this on purpose! Hehehe.

Photo by Lance Thurman via Blackgirllonghair.com
Photo by Lance Thurman via Blackgirllonghair.com

Okay, I know we're talking about hair here (and her side-swept curls rock), but that dramatic headpiece is killing me. I'm dead.

Photo courtesy of Maison LaFleur
Photo courtesy of Maison LaFleur

[related-post align=”right”]If you didn't know, this is Ingrid LaFleur, a Detroit-native art critic and curator. She definitely has that full, sexy kind of hair that I just want to see paired with a wedding dress. Thankfully, we can pretty much get the gist with her outfit.

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Comments on 12 natural black wedding hairstyles for the offbeat and on-point

  1. Oh goodness, definitely gorgeous. Combined with the simpler, streamlined dresses? Oh yes please. I hate how frilly and fussy the white-centric WIC is, because these women are SO beautiful and deserve to be recognized as well.

  2. Pretty people are pretty – and jealous (straight-haired) white girl is jealous! I am loving the sh*t out of these.

    The little-white-flower one and the one with the crystal embellishment on cornrows: omg. DYING.

  3. It’s actually been pretty difficult for me to find a natural hair style for my wedding since they are woefully underrepresented in many wedding related media and a lot of the focus is on longer haired naturals with a looser curl texture. I’ve also seen the same 3 hair styles that are close to my texture and length. I’m at the stage where I’m really concerned about how to pull together my wedding look.

    • Hmm, have you gone in person to hair dressers that specialize in natural black hair? They tend to have the hugest selection of “look books”, as well advice and ideas.

      You could also check out the websites of the vendors who exhibit at the Natural Hair and Beauty Expo (I believe there are a few, but the one I’m thinking of takes place in Atlanta). You may well be able to find inspiration there. You could also check out their catwalk shows and live demonstrations.

      There’s also a magazine called “Natural Hair” (or something like that, I’ve seen it near the checkout counter at supermarkets)…maybe check that out? As well as googling the red carpet looks of celebrities who have/had natural hair to see if their styles offer inspiration? Jill Scott, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu etc?

      In addition, try searching for natural hair styles/ideas/hairdressers on YouTube – you may be surprised!

      There are also a number of FB fan pages that extol the virtues on natural hair that often post inspiration photos .

      I’ve never processed my hair and am not really a follower of the industry … but it does seem that natural hair has become vvv mainstream over the past 10 or so years (which is awesome, don’t get me wrong!). There really are a ton of resources… You just have to look in the right places.

      Good luck 🙂

      • Thanks for the luck. So far, I’ve had little of it. Although I’m in an actual city that has a fair number of natural people, I’ve not had much success with salons. Most of my natural friends have headed straight for locs or are still wearing wigs :-s
        I’ve a few salons that I’m going to branch out and try, and I’ve made it clear that I’m NOT straightening or putting extensions in for my wedding.
        I’ve been involved in the natural hair scene for the last 7 years and happily follow the few youtube channels for my hair type and hair forums.
        I think it’s just frustrating that for my hair length/texture, there isn’t much out there that I haven’t already worn in my everyday look. It kinda takes the wind out of my sails when I’m looking for something more glamourous.

  4. I love love love natural black hair. I’m Mexican so all I have is super straight hair that won’t stay in curls for longer than an hour.

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