Natural Black hairstyles part two: the bigger the better!

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Source: via Bisola

Our first natural Black hair post was kind of a hit, so planning a part deux was a no-brainer. I raided the Pinterest boards of Bisola and a few others since they obviously know how to wreck shit with amazing natural textures. Seriously, there is a ton out there for rockin' the curls and kinks. Here are some of my favorites.

Source: via Bisola
Love the swoopy bangs. Source: via Bisola
This sleek style offers such a good canvas for accessories. Source: via Bisola
So soft! Source: via Bisola
Look at these two cuties. Bow-ties and curls. Source: via Bisola
Another couple, both sporting natural curls. Source: via Bisola
Braids make everything awesome-er. Source: via Bisola
Kim & Greg's Hitching
I pulled this one from our own archives! Kim rocks her natural texture with a little birdcage.

Anyone inspired by these looks and tempted to go au naturel for the wedding?

Comments on Natural Black hairstyles part two: the bigger the better!

  1. So much awesomeness! My pin-straight ultra-boring hair is so jealous of all those ladies and their awesome ‘dos.

  2. Thanks for showcasing natural black hair. As a black bride with natural hair, it is SO HARD to find ideas for hairstyles. Most bridal websites are geared towards white women and don’t have many options for me. This is so awesome.

  3. from what I am reading, everyone agrees, these women are gorgeous……so jealous! very awesome hairstyles…all of their looks are to be envied ^.^

  4. Mannn, I have the boringest wavy “white girl” hair and what I wouldn’t give to have hair like those cuties with the bow ties! I like the one a bit further down of the girl with the braided bangs…I can’t do ANYTHING like that with my hair. So envious (in a good way!)

  5. LOOOOOVE them all!! I’m in a particular swoon over the photo – the sun shining through their curls. 🙂

  6. Can someone do an article on “non ethnic” curly hair? (Like Bernadette Peters or young Kerri Russell) I mean, my hair’s pretty curly, but it can’t reach the heights that these girls’ can! One time, I asked a stylist to “showcase my curls”. She then proceeded to straighten my hair and recurl it with a curling iron.

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