Natural Black hairstyles part two: the bigger the better!

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Source: via Bisola

Our first natural Black hair post was kind of a hit, so planning a part deux was a no-brainer. I raided the Pinterest boards of Bisola and a few others since they obviously know how to wreck shit with amazing natural textures. Seriously, there is a ton out there for rockin' the curls and kinks. Here are some of my favorites.

Source: via Bisola
Love the swoopy bangs. Source: via Bisola
This sleek style offers such a good canvas for accessories. Source: via Bisola
So soft! Source: via Bisola
Look at these two cuties. Bow-ties and curls. Source: via Bisola
Another couple, both sporting natural curls. Source: via Bisola
Braids make everything awesome-er. Source: via Bisola
Kim & Greg's Hitching
I pulled this one from our own archives! Kim rocks her natural texture with a little birdcage.

Anyone inspired by these looks and tempted to go au naturel for the wedding?

Comments on Natural Black hairstyles part two: the bigger the better!

  1. I love this post!! I love when people with natural black hair grow it out and do beautiful things with it, like these photos. Love it! 😀

  2. gorgeous! i’d love to see more posts about natural textures in general. I have big and wildy curly hair and i’m trying to resist the urge to straighten it on the wedding day.

  3. I love it when people WORK their natural texture, whatever it is. Hair baffles me, but I’m always inspired by people who just figure out what works for them and own it.

    • *runs home to put her superfine hair in loads of pincurls and then be sad when it ends up looking nothing like all this gorgeous hair*

  4. Le sigh. And this is why I love OBB. Going to be trying a few of these styles for every day looks- I love the swoop bang and twist out bantu curls (at least, that’s how I plan on getting the curls in #5)

  5. The stunning woman in the fifth picture down with the feather earrings! I don’t usually swoon over gals, but catch me – I’m falling!

  6. I hope the people in the first photo are a real couple because they are flipping gorgeous together! Her hair is so beautiful.

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