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You know I like to do special needs shoe posts now and then… larger shoes, smaller shoes, wide shoes, shoes for folks with disabilities, wide calf boots, etc. But one special kind of foot-need I've never done is NARROW shoes. This is not a special foot-need I have any personal experience with, so apologies in advance if I screw this one up. I'm doing my best here… finding fabulous and funky-ass footwear available down to width 4A.

(As always, if you're like “OMG YOU TOTALLY SCREWED UP THIS SHOE POST,” I invite you to submit a guestpost about YOUR special needs feet!)

J. Renee Chrissy (Fuchsia Multi Glam Fabric) Women's Wedge Shoes

Stuart Weitzman Bridal & Evening Collection Chantelle (Gold Chantilly Lace) High Heels

Vaneli - Genie (Red Smack Metallic Patent) - Footwear

Vaneli Zelig (Camel Dino Hair Calf/Black Nappa) Women's Shoes

Stuart Weitzman Bridal & Evening Collection Bowover (Pyrite Nocturn) High Heels

J. Renee - Square One (Black/Leopard) - Footwear

J. Renee - Natassia (Oatmeal) - Footwear

J. Renee - Estee (Gold) - Footwear

Vaneli Diesis (Dark Red Mag Patent/Cappuccino S&L) Women's Shoes

J. Renee - Kaylee (Red) - Footwear

J. Renee - Chrissy (Gold Glam Fabric) - Footwear

Stuart Weitzman Bridal & Evening Collection - Poco (Silver Noir) - Footwear

Stuart Weitzman Bridal & Evening Collection - Turningup (Silver Nocturn) - Footwear

Trotters - Savannah (Soft Gold) - Footwear

Stuart Weitzman - Easily (Pan Nappa) - Footwear

Vigotti - Metis (Purple/Plum) - Footwear

Random bonus shoe!

This shoe is called “Ariel's Treasure” so of course I have to feature it!

Comments on Narrow wedding shoes

  1. Yay I am so glad that this post exists.

    I have narrow, flat-ish feet (the arches collapse), and am an athlete. Uncomfortable shoes just don’t cut it, because I seriously can’t stand in them for very long. Once I did nerve damage to my feet and couldn’t train for weeks… yeah it’s pretty bad.

    I’ve had the best luck with Cole Haan. They come narrow and have Nike Air in them, which is awesome. They don’t have any great options right now, and they tend to only do the basics in narrow, but I do have a really beautiful pair of black pumps by them. In any case, for me, I tend to go for comfort and fit, so if that’s also your style, I really recommend trying them.

  2. I am so happy you did this post. My whole family has super narrow feet and we have such a hard time buying shoes. My brother has it the worst though- his feet look like skis. He has to special order his shoes because he is a 13 Narrow.

  3. THANK YOU — it’s shocking how hard it is to find attractive narrow shoes. I wore the ones in the bottom right corner for my wedding (in navy blue), and they were not only beautiful, but reasonably comfortable as heels go.

  4. I have narrow feet but personally I’ve never bothered buying shoes in the right width. Too little choice and too expensive for me.

    That said, I tend to wear boots or shoes with straps so I can adjust them to fit. I also check reviews before purchasing- if loads of people are complaining about how narrow fitting they are, odds are they will be a perfect fit for me!

  5. Yay narrow shoes! I have narrow feet + high arches, and I tend to trip in shoes when they’re too wide. And the flats are only $40, so worth checking out. Thanks, Ariel!

  6. Horray a narrow shoe post!! My feet always fall out unless a strap or boot is in place, with my little bony heels, at least I’m only size 7 mum is 10 and just as narrow.

    Yesterday I happened to pop by a store and decided to be brave and ask if they had any narrow shoes (usually I get blank looks) this time he brought down a 4 inch stiletto. If the store wasn’t so posh I would have snorted with laughter and said “no way am I gonna walk in that!” I NEVER wear stiletto even if they are 1/2 an inch. Firstly I was amazed when the shoe actually fit, it lik hugged my foot even my little bony ankle, and I could even walk in it! Walking in 4 inches! :O I was in shock. When I had a shoe actually that fit the possibilities it held!

    (Extra bonus it was only $48 AUS I expected $148+++ at least from a shop like that).

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