Naked grooms

Updated Sep 26 2019

naked groom

Oh, how I wish naked grooms were an emerging wedding trend.

Instead, it's just a ridiculous photo from a wedding dress catalog, sort of the reverse of a chick in a bikini trying to sell a car.

"Buy one overpriced wedding dress, get one toned naked cabana boy for free!"


  1. Right. Somehow this doesn't make me feel any better than the Pamela Anderson types in g-strings straddling motorcycles. I know I'm supposed to feel, er, elevated or 'taken seriously' or something, but it just doesn't happen.

  2. Ariel,
    I was just waiting for you to get ahold of those adds. They definitely made me go "huh?" Thanks for bringing a little bit of light hearted nakedness into my life :)!!

  3. I can't help it, all I can think when I look at that is – he's going to ruin the back of that dress! LOL….

  4. Do you think he's actually ATTACHED to the back of the dress? I bet it makes wearing pretty difficult. And probably pretty painful for him!

  5. The only way my groom would be naked is if I was too. We would think it was hilarious and some of the guests would too! The other guests, screw them!! It's my wedding!

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