This couple (a show dancer and a karaoke king) know just what they want … and it's not David's Bridal. It's the entire wedding party dancing down the aisle, choreographed routines at the reception, and a bride in a short black and pink dress:

Hannibal and Myshell's wedding from tonje Nordgaard on Vimeo.

(Thanks for the tip, Michelle!)

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  1. Two words come to mind: WORK IT!!! O.M.G. This is the most delectably diva bride I’ve ever seen! Her dress was absolutely adorable but she rocked it with such confidence I’m sure she could have worn a potato sack and looked just as glamorous! The bridesmaids’ eyelashes! The choreographed bridal party groovin’ down the aisle (flower girls included)! The leg-up kiss! What a fun wedding! What an adorable couple! I have a feeling there won’t be a dull moment for those two 🙂

  2. Holy crap, I loved the dancing down the aisle. And I have to second Courtney’s “WORK IT!!” What else is there to say?! 🙂

  3. That looks like it was a super fun wedding! I like that they played “It takes two” by Rob Bass and DJ EZ Rock. I totally want that song for our official intro as a married couple!!

  4. It’s an awesome treat when a wedding video makes you want to get up and dance along!

    I couldn’t stop smiling through the whole thing!

  5. This actually made me cry!
    It doesn’t matter what clothes you wear or what music you play, when you’ve got love like that, it’s a beautiful wedding!

  6. That was fantastic! What a fun couple. I wish I had half as much confidence as she does!

  7. My friend and I watched this together and by the time we got to the flower girls coming down the aisle we were both in tears. We could feel the joy these two people and all their friends were sharing in, I can only hope my wedding will be half as much fun!

  8. I just cried too, so much effort, so much style, so much cuteness..too much. I bawled. AMAZING!

    • Same over here!! such an amazing ceremony! and those flower girls, they rocked the wedding!

  9. I L O V E IT!!!

    I smiled from the very first second, and can’t stop grinning now, it’s amazing, it looks so much fun! And the choreography is so professional it’s totally fantastic!
    The colours not being “traditional” i barely noticed because the celebration of the couples love was just so overwhelming. It added extra fun, interest and total deliciousness to the entire day i bet!
    Congratulations, it’s just so amazing 🙂 x

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