My 2008 halloween costume: YOU!

Updated Nov 13 2015

I'm an Offbeat Bride for Halloween!After working on for almost two years now (and Offbeat Bride the book for another year before that!) I've started to see some definite trends in offbeat bride styles.

I mean yes: we're all doing our own thang, but there are definitely elements that seem to pop up repeatedly in offbeat weddings.

To celebrate this, I decided that this Halloween I would dress up as, well, YOU! I wanted to see how many offbeat bride trends I could pack into one outfit.

No one in Seattle will get this costume at all — "goth drag queen?" "weird mary poppins?" — but I don't care. I did it for y'all because I love your style.

SO, how many offbeat trends can you see in these shots? We'll start easy: Red wedding dress? Check. Actually a prom dress? Check. Purchased off eBay? Check!

I'm an Offbeat Bride for Halloween!

Oh, but there's SO much more
Tiny top hat? (Also from eBay!) Birdcage veil?
That MAC lipstick everyone keeps raving about on the OBT? Check.

I'm an Offbeat Bride for Halloween!

Rockabilly-style tattooed chest-piece? (Granted, fake.) But check!

I'm an Offbeat Bride for Halloween!

Peacock feathers? Check.

I'm an Offbeat Bride for Halloween!

Hipster mustache? Check!

I'm an Offbeat Bride for Halloween!

Fleuvogs and skull detailing? Check!

I'm an Offbeat Bride for Halloween!

Headless groom/groveling bride? Check.

I'm an Offbeat Bride for Halloween!

Headless bride/groveling groom? Check.

I'm an Offbeat Bride for Halloween!

Coordinated wedding dog? Check.
(That's my Li'l D, Sassafras!)

I'm an Offbeat Bride for Halloween!

Christy's classic "Just a minute, hon!" book shot? Check.

I'm an Offbeat Bride for Halloween!

And of course then there are the cupcakes. Offbeat brides looooove cupcakes, but perhaps none as much as me! (I recommend sliding the slideshow speed to 1 second/photo for maximum CUPCAKE HORROR!)

And last but not least, Kambriel jacket for the full goth feel? CHECK!

I'm an Offbeat Bride for Halloween!

Very special thanks to my dear friend Ben Haley who so graciously took the time to play bridal portraiture with me to get all these ridiculous photos.

SO! Offbeat Brides … any trends I missed? Maybe I'll do this every year, and we'll see what offbeat trends show up for Halloween 2009…

  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh i want that dog, that cupcake and that hat. and that lipstick. and whatever that awesome building is you're jumping in front of…

    yeah, i'll take that too.

  2. Ooh! Ooh! Where'd you get the hat/veil combo? Or did you make it?

    I covet thee, oh tiny tiny hat of cuteness!!!

  3. Awww, you're so cute! For full OBT goodness, I would say you should cut your hair short and dye it crazier colors, but I wouldn't want to change your lovely hair just for a costume.

  4. What a fantastic dress! Love the colour (and all the detail you've included – especially the fabulous book shot)

  5. Oh man! I was all excited about my husband and I going as Maverick and Goose… I even had my fake moustache ready, but now I wanna go as an OBB! Next year… next year….

  6. um…. you look better in your halloween costume than most people on their ACTUAL wedding day.

    freakin awesome.

  7. Best Halloween Costume Ever!
    This just made my very early morning. Too funny.
    Oh, but you forgot polka dots. I think thats one of the new big ones (and not just because of the polka dot dress hanging in my closet 🙂

  8. O M G Ariel you f**king (edited because I'm at work!)rock!!! Not only are you gorgeous (like always), but it all goes together which is really freaking funny!! Awesome costume girl!

  9. HA!! What a great idea!

    (and some of us in Seattle will get it if we were to see you out and about)

    For the person who asked, I believe the little top hat with veil is from Torrid. They tried to sell me a red one yesterday.

  10. Also, I'm getting married tomorrow… and have been a visitor to your site since I got engaged. Thank you so much for all of the inspiration!

  11. Thanks so much for the giggle, Ariel. I've just been watching news clips on BBC of what's happening in Congo, and was sitting here crying. Thanks for the comic relief. 🙂

  12. Ariel – you bring a special light to my day, even after my wedding. Thanks for being silly and embracing all that we as OBBs have to offer!

  13. oh! this is beyond delightful! it looks like you had a lot of fun and you are rocking the offbreat bride costume!

    if only i knew about the tiny top hat, wee pup and mustaches… then i would have had an upbeat offbeat wedding!

  14. dyed crinoline perhaps? but otherwise, that was awesome, now I want to go destroy a cupcake, darn this no carb diet!


  16. Ariel, this is fantastic, and utterly perfect! You look great, and the coordinated wedding dog looks very proud!

    Happy Hallowe'en!

  17. First, you look awesome! Second Happy Halloween! And third, I'll second Rahel with the fantasy/medieval/star wars LARP outfit!

    Your dog is adorable!

  18. i am honored to be sister to such a perfectly perfect offbeat bride! and aunt to offbeat dog, of course!
    the 'just a minute, hon' shot is my favorite. props to dre for representing hellgate!

  19. Wow, you totally nailed it! You might consider making that chest piece permanent. GREAT photos too!

    With our wedding only two weeks behind us, I was considering going as a dead version of us as bride and groom, but figured it'd be bad luck or something. This is much more fun.

    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  20. Oh lord, I'm feeling a bit admonished! Offbeat is not seeming so offbeat… Now to nix the peacock feathers, fluevogs and cupcakes from my plans!

    Just kiddin'. This is flipping hilarious.

  21. HA!! Girl – you crack me up!! I love it! You look uber hot too!! DAMN!!! HOT HOT HOT!

    The new offbeat: a white dress with red roses and traditional poses. HA!

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