When Murder, She Wrote's Jessica Fletcher told everyone what it means to be "unplugged"

Photos by: Dustin Cantrell
When Murder, She Wrote's Jessica Fletcher told everyone what it means to be "unplugged"
Photo by Dustin Cantrell

Emily and Branan's wonderfully weird wedding somehow got Star Wars, wrestling, and badminton all into the day. It was wild and awesome… but one little detail that we loved was hidden away in the "lessons learned" section of their wedding profile.

They used photos of Angela Lansbury's Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote to educate the guests on what it REALLY means to have an unplugged wedding!

Here's how Emily told the story:

As far as a lesson, I definitely learned that copper wire is the greatest gift to crafting of the modern age, spray paint will stay in your hair through at least two shampoos, there is more than one way to incorporate your love of Murder, She Wrote into your wedding, and having a second round of cheeseburgers at 10:00 p.m. is the best idea any caterer has ever had.

The moral of the story is that guests will be more likely to read a sign (and not be all miffed about it) if it's done in a light-hearted way. So grab your favorite old skool TV character JPG and let everyone know how you want your unplugged wedding to work!

More celebs lending a hand:

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