Portraits at the Naro

So you say you don't want to get married in a church, but it's autumn so you're not doing it outside or in your backyard.

Bars aren't really your style and while cave is cool and lofts are swank … you want something different.

Nikki & Avi and have a great suggestion for you: their wedding was held at Norfolk, Virginia's Naro Cinema!

The photos are total eye-candy, from the fabulous paper-flower centerpieces to the OM NOM NOM fruit spread and the minimalist autumnal look of the whole movie house wedding. (Bonus: Nikki rocked her glasses through the thang.)

So, go: Feast your eyes!

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Comments on Awesome venue idea: MOVIE THEATER

  1. I LOVE it! (I actually almost did this for mine but couldn’t find anything half as cool as the Nero) The thing I love about this wedding (and this whole site, really) is that it makes me feel like they could be really good friends if we ever met.

  2. I wonder how many people drove by wondering what movie “Avi and Nikki’s Wedding” was and why they hadn’t seen previews. Love the dress and the names up in lights!

  3. What a gorgeous wedding! Congratulations!! Any tips on how to find a dress like Nikki’s? It is exactly what I’ve been looking for…

  4. This is what we’re doing. Poor atheists in January? Large hotels, churches and parks are out. Vintage movie theater it is! It’s locally owned, (and owned by friends to boot! Super cheap!) and is connected directly to us and our interests (aspiring film-makers). It’s got history (it was a porn theater in the 60s! HELL YES!) and is adorably quaint and quirky.

    I really think it’s a great option for any OBB.

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