Example day-of schedule for an early morning wedding

Guest post by Melissa

Considering a morning wedding, but baffled as to how the day would actually flow? Let's hear from a bride who got married at 10am…

Photos by Kendall Pavan Photography
Photos by Kendall Pavan Photography

Our ceremony started at 10am on a Sunday morning, with brunch at 11am… and then we had the venue until 3pm. We chose brunch because breakfast is the meal we go out for the most. We didn't have dancing, or tossing of garters, or flowers — and we bought a ton of board games for centerpieces. But we did hire a day-of coordinator that I found at the Denver Lovesick Expo, which worked out really well for us.

brunch wedding schedule

Here is a rough outline of our wedding day schedule:

  • 5am–9:30am: Get ready
  • 9:30: First look photos
  • 10:00: Ceremony
  • 10:30–11:30: Family and wedding party photos while guests started “cocktail” hour — smoothies and waffle appetizers
  • 11:30: Brunch reception begins
  • 12:30: Toasts
  • 1:00: Cake cutting
  • 2:00: Bride and groom photos

That was really about it!

early morning wedding schedule

Our venue was the Denver Botanic Gardens, and there was a Chihuly glass exhibit going on, so a lot of our guests floated in and out of the reception to go look at the sculptures and enjoy the garden. We were scheduled to have the reception go until 3pm, but we had pretty much wrapped up the party by 2pm.

Anyone else want to share their wedding day schedule? Let's crowdsource!

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