Morning after photos: the trend that totally isn’t

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Oh lord. The internet has its panties in a wad with yet another OMG SHOCKING!! wedding trend. This time it's “Morning after” photos, where a photographer comes to the wedding suite the morning after the wedding and takes pictures of you and your honey looking all sexy with your fuck-nest hair and tousled sheets. It's a cute enough concept (especially if you're poly and need some sexy shots for your couples-seeking personals ad) but bitches, we need to talk: this is not actually a trend.

So, I'm a wedding blogger. Watching wedding trends is my job. This “Morning after” thing? It's a wedding trend that I have never EVER seen in the real world — I've only ever seen it in puff pieces about how it's supposedly A Thing. My theory: this is not A Thing at all. This is something a few photographers would love to *become* A Thing because it's a fun concept for a shoot… but almost nobody is actually doing this.

I'm not going to get all media studies on your asses here, but this is painfully typical “slow news day” stuff. A couple people did something, suddenly a morning show producer in NY or LA decides it's “a trend,” and that therefore everyone must officially get their judgey hat out and examine. SEXY OR OVERSHARING!? OMG IT'S BOTH! EL SCANDALO! It may become a manufactured trend (where people hear about it being a trend, and then it actually becomes one) like Trash The Dress shoots did five years ago. But until the day my inbox is flooded with naked morning-after submissions in the same way that it's flooded with pictures of couples wearing animal masks, I'mma say it's not actually a trend.

(But the animal masks thing? TOTALLY FOR REAL.)

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  1. The morning after our wedding was pretty fun. We had the wedding at our farm and a bunch of people crashed out in tents and around the house. In the morning we opened presents, finished off the kegs/champagne, and made a big breakfast scramble. The best parts were using a big gift box for a table and later opening it and realizing it contained…a table, and when someone found a dreadlock in the yard! That was good for a laugh.

  2. I don’t think I would feel comfortable with a photographer catching our “sexy time”. But I really like the idea of having a few shots of the morning-after-breakfast-in-bed! Just two sleepy people having tea and leftover wedding cake… sounds great to me! 🙂

  3. didn’t there, back in the dark ages,used to be a thing where the woman got “deflowered” and the people waited downstairs for the ban to hold up a bloody sheet as proof for all the people to cheer him? I saw that in a movie once. Totally grossed me out. And this “trend” kind of reminded me of that

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