Morning after photos: the trend that totally isn’t

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Oh lord. The internet has its panties in a wad with yet another OMG SHOCKING!! wedding trend. This time it's “Morning after” photos, where a photographer comes to the wedding suite the morning after the wedding and takes pictures of you and your honey looking all sexy with your fuck-nest hair and tousled sheets. It's a cute enough concept (especially if you're poly and need some sexy shots for your couples-seeking personals ad) but bitches, we need to talk: this is not actually a trend.

So, I'm a wedding blogger. Watching wedding trends is my job. This “Morning after” thing? It's a wedding trend that I have never EVER seen in the real world — I've only ever seen it in puff pieces about how it's supposedly A Thing. My theory: this is not A Thing at all. This is something a few photographers would love to *become* A Thing because it's a fun concept for a shoot… but almost nobody is actually doing this.

I'm not going to get all media studies on your asses here, but this is painfully typical “slow news day” stuff. A couple people did something, suddenly a morning show producer in NY or LA decides it's “a trend,” and that therefore everyone must officially get their judgey hat out and examine. SEXY OR OVERSHARING!? OMG IT'S BOTH! EL SCANDALO! It may become a manufactured trend (where people hear about it being a trend, and then it actually becomes one) like Trash The Dress shoots did five years ago. But until the day my inbox is flooded with naked morning-after submissions in the same way that it's flooded with pictures of couples wearing animal masks, I'mma say it's not actually a trend.

(But the animal masks thing? TOTALLY FOR REAL.)

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  1. This is the result of the need to over share. these are the same people who told us every detail of their courtship, every detail of engagement, every detail of wedding plans on FB and Twitter. its wonderful to be happy, and to be in love, we dont need to know EVERYTHING!

  2. Our trendy morning after photos would have captured this: Standing naked in the fridge stuffing our faces with tasty reception left overs.
    We were RAVENOUS.
    For empanadas and cupcakes.

  3. Trend? Nope. If you wanted to? Power to you. Me? I’m not a morning person. I expect that I’ll be exhausted, hung over, and cursing myself for setting up that goddamn breakfast which just required a Sunday morning alarm clock.

  4. I personally would find this embarrassing and gross, not because I’m a virgin (yep, I am) but because that is something I don’t want to share with anyone but my husband. ^_^ And while I hope this never becomes a trend, I think it’s none of anyone’s business if someone did this, unless couples started selling their photos, or something equally disturbing!

  5. OMG. I saw this exact segment on GMA and said to myself “trend…never heard of it.” Turns out the woman in the couple featured is a PR executive, coincidence …mmm I think not.

  6. This sounds incredibly sexy. Not something I would share, but it would be nice years form now to look at the pictures and remember the time. I felt like a million bucks the day after my wedding, and not because there was tons of sexytime, but because it was more awesome. We had company though so this wouldve been awkward in front of my aunt…

  7. We’d probably take silly pictures of ourselves with our own camera, and be like LOL TIMER SAYS 10 SECONDS LOOK CUTE LOOK CUTE *flash* OMG ITS JUST YOUR FOREHEAD AND THE PILLOW OMG! because we do like to take pics of us in hotels but we would definitely not pay someone to do this.

  8. I recently received a hysterical email about “rainbow parties” – remaking its rounds after a couple of years of being buried.

    Here’s the thing: if the morning OR the evening news asks if something is a new trend among women/teenagers, chances are that it is NOT.

  9. Ok, I started shooting “morning after” sessions for married couples several years ago; they were not “bedroom” photos nor boudoir sessions. The first has the couple jumping on the bed and just having fun today; the next was a couple (all were fully dressed) hanging out on the bed with their dog, who was also in the wedding.

    They don’t have to be trashy, and they can actually be kind of nice, especially if your wedding portraits were taken before your ceremony. [I always told my clients, “no matter how long you’ve been living together or whatever, it’s different when you’re married. There’s a shine to it and it shows in the photos.] That’s why I started offering the option to my brides, and the ones who did it, loved it.

    But again, not about having sex, not about “first time together.”

    It’s not a trend and it’s definitely not new.

    • Can this pleasse please please be a trend? I think that the point is beeing missed, here.
      See… I actually wished we had some morning after photos, and also more “Day-of huge-hordes-of-wonderful-people-helping-set-up” photos. The latter because it would make it easier to exhibit my/our recognition of their hard work. (Seriously, if you have a community wedding MAKE SURE SOMEONE TAKES PICTURES OF THE PROCESS!!!) But
      the former (Being the “Morning after”) photos are a GREAT IDEA! NOT because of sexy times or bedhead times or I-was-so-tired-I-didn’t-roll-over-and-now-my-face-is-flat-on-one-side times…
      These photos should exist, and this should be a trend BECAUSE that morning/day after time is important too. While you’re feeding stale puff pastry to the cat,(They LOVE it!) or playing “Identify the stain” with your vintage napkins. (The final lightning round mystery stain was soy candle drippings. I won.)
      While you’re feeding yourselves, each other, and the few remaining guests handfuls of rainbow colored whipped cream from the dessert bar, (Also, seriously, do this. Bestest rainbows. OMNOMNOM) *Ahem* While you’re doing all of these things, it’s magic. It’s an expression and manifestation of what you did the day before. Here we are exhibiting our teamwork by moving this huge heavy oak table. Here we are splitting the last overlooked artichoke and brie crostini. Here we are spraying our family members with leftover seltzer from the keg. Here we are using our thumbnails to scrape jam off of the tablecloth so it’ll come off of the table.
      Guys, this is what you got married for in the first place! To have seltzer fights and to share leftovers and to fight with stuck-on jam and to have soda water fights! Together. So let this be a trend; it doesn’t have to be about sexy times, but about the dawn of a new era. The one that you chose together. Let’s Photograph it!

      But not, you know, “IT” ’cause that’s just a silly fake fakey fake-o trend.

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