Morning after photos: the trend that totally isn’t

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Oh lord. The internet has its panties in a wad with yet another OMG SHOCKING!! wedding trend. This time it's “Morning after” photos, where a photographer comes to the wedding suite the morning after the wedding and takes pictures of you and your honey looking all sexy with your fuck-nest hair and tousled sheets. It's a cute enough concept (especially if you're poly and need some sexy shots for your couples-seeking personals ad) but bitches, we need to talk: this is not actually a trend.

So, I'm a wedding blogger. Watching wedding trends is my job. This “Morning after” thing? It's a wedding trend that I have never EVER seen in the real world — I've only ever seen it in puff pieces about how it's supposedly A Thing. My theory: this is not A Thing at all. This is something a few photographers would love to *become* A Thing because it's a fun concept for a shoot… but almost nobody is actually doing this.

I'm not going to get all media studies on your asses here, but this is painfully typical “slow news day” stuff. A couple people did something, suddenly a morning show producer in NY or LA decides it's “a trend,” and that therefore everyone must officially get their judgey hat out and examine. SEXY OR OVERSHARING!? OMG IT'S BOTH! EL SCANDALO! It may become a manufactured trend (where people hear about it being a trend, and then it actually becomes one) like Trash The Dress shoots did five years ago. But until the day my inbox is flooded with naked morning-after submissions in the same way that it's flooded with pictures of couples wearing animal masks, I'mma say it's not actually a trend.

(But the animal masks thing? TOTALLY FOR REAL.)

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Comments on Morning after photos: the trend that totally isn’t

  1. Yeah like someone wants to see pictures of me making hotel coffee in a bathrobe. Cuz thats what my morning after will look like.
    If you want to do bedroom photos… do em! No need to attach “wedding” to that too.

    • Haha, yeah my morning after was me still looking tired at home cleaning everyone’s stuff from getting ready for the wedding. No sexy times. Just sleep and recovery.

  2. hmm, we got married the day before Father’s Day. So our “morning after” was giggly at brunch with both of our dads. In my (2x married) experience, the wedding night isn’t sexy. It’s exhausted!!!

    • I hate to sound like a killjoy, but just from clicking on the link and viewing the content; I felt that these photos were inappropriate. Why should anyone care about your “first moments together”, that should really just be between you and your significant other.

      I recently got married and to be honest our morning after was waking up early to go to break down the rest of the stuff at the reception hall. It’s not that we aren’t romantic, we were just dead tired. I never realized that a wedding could be so physically exhausting.

      • I felt that these photos were inappropriate.

        Ooh, you got your judgey hat out, just like Good Morning America wanted you to! I’m not sure it matters what any of us thinks of whether this is appropriate — but Good Morning America clearly understands that weighing in is 90% of the fun. 😉

  3. My morning after
    hungover, wearing my husbands autobots t-shirt, reading wedding cards and laughing at my new husband for not having packed any socks

    • that sounds really adorable, actually. i’m no virgin, but i worry about our wedding night not being sexy because of how social we have to be beforehand. we’re both kind of introverted so i feel like by the time we leave the wedding we’ll be wiped out and not want to kiss, let alone consumate the marriage.

      • The secret of wedding nights is that it seems like NO ONE has sex. Seriously. You’re “on” from 8am (or whatever) the morning of, with no time alone or rest or time with your husband, add a decent amount of booze… The night of the wedding, it would have taken a miracle for either of us to have the energy to move. Sexy, it ain’t.

        I’m pretty sure that that’s what the first night of the honeymoon is for. 😉

  4. Oh geez…we didn’t even get frisky the night our wedding. We were so exhausted! He was snoring before I was even done taking off my shoes. Nothing to see there the next morning haha! it really must be boring news if they are trying to make this a faux trend!

  5. This *literally* had me laughing out loud. I’m talking hysterics. Does anyone even have sex on their wedding night? Not one of the couples I have spoken with have said they have. This does give me sone ideas though. Haha. We’ll just bring the tripod though.

    • We totally did. It took a little bit of mental struggle to get started (“Ok, Self: you only get one wedding night. You can pull it together and summon the energy for sexytimes for a half hour or so.”) and it wasn’t the best night of our lives, but there was something really special about it.

    • A couple of my friends were determined to “consummate” on their wedding. I only know from the story but apparently they were both so drunk it was more of a “I’m gonna put it in for a minute just so we can say we had sex” then they fell asleep. If you know this couple it’s a hilarious story because I have no doubt it’s 100% true.

  6. Ha! What cracks me up the most is that this is so OMG SCANDALOUS THEY FINALLY HAD SEX! Uhhh…..are we living in the 50s, people?

  7. We had sex on our wedding night, but we were so exhausted at the same time. LOL. Morning after photos would have been me getting my husbands jeans and tee shirt on while he put on his suit pants and button up (because I forgot to pack an outfit) and going down to the cafe for cereal and toast LOL

  8. I’m pretty sure our morning after is going to involve sleep… and aspirin… Then more sleep. lol

  9. Even if this were a “thing”, who cares if couples do this? Chances are, not many (if any) people other than the couple will see the sexy (or not so sexy) morning after photos. Even if they did…meh. Plus, how many people are going to post “naughty” photos of themselves? If they take the “naughty” photos, they’re more likely to keep those photos for themselves.

    The media just wanted to try and get people’s panties in bunches and knots because they haven’t had anything juicy to gossip about recently.

  10. My husband had worked overnight and got off work at 6am before our wedding and we both got about 3 hours of sleep before our day. Around 9pm he looked at me and said, “I’m done.” The next day, after sleeping in late, we got up, fooled around, and went right back to Disneyland for the final weekend of elecTRONica. Was it sexy pornographic sex? No. Are we hot, sexy beautiful L.A. People? No. And I sure as fukk didn’t need pics of us getting crazy!

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