More loud shoes I love

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Y'all know the routine by now. I like loud shoes — even the ones I could never afford or ever walk in. If you're looking for understated this week, you're not really going to find much here.

Today's collection of VERY LOUD SHOES includes probably a few too many Betsey Johnson and Iron Fist options, including this pair of cupcake print shoes, and some platforms that I really should have included in my skull shoes post a few weeks ago…

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  1. if you are thinking about if you can walk in them or what they cost you are missing the point, some of these are works of art. thank you for sharing

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for showcasing some fun and colorful flats! I can’t walk in heels, plus they add to my already extreme height and make me feel self-conscious. Sometimes I feel like all the fun shoes have really high heels, but you’re helping me find the exceptions!

  3. i dig the giraffe ones but they’re about 6 inches too tall for me…though i suppose that’s the point. clever shoes.

  4. Omggg… I WANT the purple shoes! my goal is to have the sexiest purple heels I can find for my wedding….It’s actually a style priority for me. haha

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