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Y'all know the routine by now. I like loud shoes — even the ones I could never afford or ever walk in. If you're looking for understated this week, you're not really going to find much here — this link might be better for you if you're looking for classy.

Today's collection of VERY LOUD SHOES includes probably a few too many Betsey Johnson and Iron Fist options, including this pair of cupcake print shoes, and some platforms that I really should have included in my skull shoes post a few weeks ago…

Nectarine - Blue

Hangman Platform - Black

Diskko - Tattoo Print

Sophia Flat - Turquoise

Society Suicide Platform - Black

Vise - Turquoise

Caseyy - Purple Satin

Carlieee - Gold Glitter

Lavonne - Yellow

Vanity Fair Flat - Black

Indie - Yellow

Zing Slide - Tan

Too Detox - Blue Multi

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  1. Moar shoos!! *beats table*

    These are just gorgeous – lovely to see a few ankle straps for us ‘falls out of heels’ folk!

  2. ahh those metallic turquoise Iron Fist shoes are (one pair of) my wedding shoes! Love them!

  3. I love LOUD shoes, and all of these are amazing, I just can’t wait until a reasonable kitten heal comes back into style. Those 5″ heels…I just can’t do it (ignoring the fact that I am sitting her with a broken ankle!)

  4. Roses, second from the bottom…those are my shoes! Very fancy on the inside, and they look hot on.
    Now to learn how to walk in them…

  5. I have some fabulous Betsy Johnson shoes for my wedding, all covered in blingtabulousness. With a heart. I think my maid-of-honour thinks they are awful. I *heart* them.

  6. I am in LOVE with those polka-dot bow shoes. But they don’t have my size! 🙁 And I highly doubt I could do those heels for very long lol.

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