MORE awesome wedding cakes that don’t look like “wedding cakes”

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The first time I did a roundup of offbeat wedding cakes, I called for MORE MORE MORE of your creative wedding cakes and boy did you guys bring it. Here is our newest collection of wedding cakes that don’t look like wedding cakes…

Rainbow CakeOn the outside: a simple white wedding cake. On the inside: surprise rainbow-y goodness! This cake was made by the bride the night before the wedding, if ya can believe it.

Twin Peaks red velvet cakeI never thought I’d ever see this word combination before: Twin Peaks red velvet cake. Lisa_Renee explains: “I’ve been dreaming of this cake design for years. In fact, this was the thing I was most excited about for my eventual wedding. These are symbols from the Twin Peaks series and movie, Fire Walk With Me. Geek Fest! Morfey’s Cakes embraced it and made my dream a reality. Then I ate it. And it was yummy.”

Neon 1980s cake!
Cakes are a super-fun way of enhancing your wedding’s theme. And Lisa and Bill‘s cake did a freaking outstanding job of portraying their wedding’s “upscale 80’s rock” theme. More neon wedding cakes PLEEZ!

This “cake” was made from 150 whoopie pies using the bride’s grandmother’s recipe. And yes, those are vintage gnomes as cake toppers.

wedding cakeI love this amazing colorful wedding cake from the equally amazing colorful wedding of Wanjiru and Ricky.

cake topper
Jenna and Brendan had wedding tiramasu with Kang and Kodos cake toppers.

chocolate wedding cake made by my sisterHoly holy fuckballs — I want this right fucking NOW. This chocolate wedding cake was made by the bride’s sister.

owl wedding cakeI have a thing for owls so I think this cake from Tribe member Becky is just loverly. Everything about this cake makes me happy.

Cut The CakeHow about this amazing three-layer STRIPED cake from Ang and Cam’s wedding.

awesome cake
Ginny and Adam describe their vibrant wedding cake (with teeny tiny frog toppers) as “three layers of awesomeness.”

Taking the Plunge - Wedding Cake
Jerry Fergson, the photographer writes, “Had to post this awesome wedding cake from Ryan and Brooke’s wedding. Someone spent a lot of time and effort on creating this amazing cake, which depicts the bride and groom going over a waterfall in a kayak, surrounded by Arizona scenes.”

Trylon and perisphere cakeYou may remember Chris and Tracy’s retro-futuristic chuppah, but what you didn’t get to see is their futuristic trylon and perisphere wedding cakes.

Daft Punk cake
In keeping with the pointy cake aesthetic, here’s a Daft Punk inspired wedding cake. Tron-tastic. 😉

Emery & Trey wedding-258Troy and Tribe member Emzy looks like graphic design deliciousness. And that’s exactly what it was! Emzy, a graphic designer, illustrated her own wedding cake.

Keep the wedding cake porn coming by submitting yours to our Offbeat Flickr pool. And if you want to see more creative wedding cakes check out these posts:

Comments on MORE awesome wedding cakes that don’t look like “wedding cakes”

    • I was briefly confused when this popped up on my reader this morning and I saw it wasn’t the Cakewrecks Sunday Sweets. These are some fabulous cakes!

  1. That upscale 80’s theme cake is SERIOUSLY the BEST cake I’ve ever seen in my life. Flipping Fabulous. Drool.

    • I think this is it:

      That’s the one I bookmarked anyway, after I got sick of digging through pages of re-posts every time I searched for it. (And yes I did it a lot, pretty much every time cakes get mentioned anywhere.)

      That cake is epic win in so many ways. It’s a work of art in it’s own right, but the fact that it’s Discworld too (complete with elephants and turtle) makes it even more awesome.

      Check out some of the other cakes on her site too. There’s some other very cool ones. Some with dragons on! (In my mind dragons = win and at least one is a Pernese dragon, which is double win!). If my mum wasn’t already making my cake I’d be begging/wishing this woman to do it.

      • Thanks! I eventually found it after putting the first two paragraphs into Google, heheh. There’s another fantastic Discworld cake, by Mandy Gasson at – unfortunately the pic on that site is nowhere near as good as the pic on her FB profile, which really shows off the detail. The advantage of the first cake (by Jane, she of the dragons) is that the entire thing is edible.
        I can see I’ll have to get my cake-making friend practicing really hard to be ready for 2015 …

  2. I’m so in love with Channamasala’s cake! The owl cake is AWESOMeNess!!! And that neon cake will have a special place in my memory. 😀

    Our star cupcake and multicolored cake was inspired by a 5 year old’s birthday cake! We couldn’t wait for (or afford a *Wedding Cake Baker* so we worked with what the local deli/baker could do for something that wouldn’t melt in the heatwave on our wedding weekend. 🙂

    • I’m just waiting for an excuse to make a rainbow cake. Maybe my MOH’s birthday, she loves rainbow stuff.

  3. OMG!!!!! My FH and I are theming our wedding off of the red room from Twin Peaks, and that cake is amazing!!!! I’m decorating the hall in red satin, and making black and white zig zag table runners to go over the black table cloths….seriously, I am in love! 🙂

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