Satyr horns, pirate hooks, and a villainous bouquet

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I had a lot of trouble holding back on posting entire weddings from this week's entries in the Offbeat Flickr Pool. There was a lot to gush over, but I kept control… mostly.

I have a crush on these two cuties. Look at their vintage-style cake, the bride's fabulous shrug, her hair(!!), the bowie knife! And it looks like the groom is going to taze the key lime tarts. I know he's not, but I'm going with it anyway.

Oh jeez. Now she's wearing a fabulous headpiece and they are high-fiving. I am officially obsessed.

bouquet pwnage :D
This poor woman is getting owned by the bouquet! I'm kind of loving all the outfits in this shot though.

Kat and Shaun got the red sky sunset they were hoping for, right in the middle of their ceremony. There's a lot going on here outside of that though. Wings, corsets, horns… a laptop?

Speaking of a lot going on… I officially demand that Morgan and Ryan submit a profile. And… GO. …Did you do it yet? How about now?

What is going on here?! That is the funniest thing ever. Table kissing, those horns and bling, and his expression. Priceless.

I know I'm giving away the milk for free here, but just one more of this wedding. Here is a shot of the couple's son in full-on satyr adorableness.

Christina and her groom were so tired by the time this photo happened, they shut their eyes. Shh, let's move on while they nap.

Again caught in their baser needs, it was time to chow, but they were still posing! So they combined the efforts and faux nommed on what started to looked like salad.

A Proper Pirate
Avast me ‘arties, it be TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY! Here are a few scurvy pirate shots to get you in the spirit. This be just a wee pirate-in-training at Jessica and Scott's wedding. But he's already earned his hook, so beware.

Ali and Rob
Suzi's wedding must ‘ave had poor security if these two crashed. They look mighty shifty, and one's grabbing a bit too much, if ya know wha' I mean.

Yaarrgh, it's the Clicky Links:

Hey, photographers! I love you and do my best to attribute all Monday Montage photos, but sometimes brides don't include your info when they submit photos. If I've featured your work but it isn't properly credited, email me!

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Comments on Satyr horns, pirate hooks, and a villainous bouquet

  1. OMG!!!! That me in the first two pictures! I’m a member of the OBT but I’m new to Flickr and didn’t get everything properly tagged!

    My hubby insisted we cut the cake my mum made with a Bowie knife and I was totally down

    And we are high fiving because he was seeing his ring which I designed for the first time and thought I did an awesome job. And thank you, I made my hairpiece and did my hair.

    Ohmygoodness this is a dream come true

  2. Hi! I am the photographer for the fairytale wedding up there. Morgan and Ryan were so crazy, deliciously awesome to work with but I gotta be honest- you ain’t seen nothing yet!

  3. Holy crow we are in Monday Montage! We were so tired by the end of the day for realz. Wrangling all those gnomes takes a lot outta you.

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