Romance, lovey-dovey couples, and flower-covered cheese

Updated Oct 12 2015

Romance was in the air in the Offbeat Flickr Pool this week. Caution: kissing, gazing, and lovey-dovey looks ahead.

Photo by Bishop Weber Photography
Jessica's red hair/yellow flower/tattoo combo makes me swoon. The whole picture is like a yellow-green impressionist painting.

Our feet!
Photo by Meredith Hailey
Purple flats, purple pettiskirt, saddle shoes! Jessica and Daniel's tootsies alone are adorable.

Photo by Jamie Dean Photography
And the top half of them is just as awesome! His tie, her hair flowers, and OMG necklace. So lovely.

Photo by Snaptacular Photos
Jennifer and Cristi got caught up in the romance during this dance at their Texas wedding.

Photo by Daniel Wilson
The major smooching and lovey looks just keep coming. Hannah and Amir show off their cream wedding wear and their handmade table runners while they snog.

Photo by Honeysuckle Photography
I love pictures of food. It's romantic to me, okay? So join me in checking out these cheeses covered in edible flowers. Wren and Quinn did a good job documenting the noms.

Photo by Honeysuckle Photography
Wren and Quinn then had to work off the cheese. How? Oh, just with a little fantastic choreography.

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Hey, photographers! I love you and do my best to attribute all Monday Montage photos, but sometimes brides don't include your info when they submit photos. If I've featured your work but it isn't properly credited, email me!

  1. Wren and Quinn look so amazing! Her dress is simply flowingly gorgeous, and his morning suit is super dapper!

  2. Gollum as a ring bearer is AWESOME! If I did that my friends and family would totally get it because they know I love LOTR and Smeagol. HE'S ADORABLE!

  3. We are not having a ring bearer and due to that my fiance's groomsman is saying he is going to dress as Golum, like that 4 wedding video. I am oddly ok with it lol.

  4. That dress in the last pic! So beautiful! I wonder if she knew it would look so great in the pics…

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