Monday Montage: red dresses, red vans, red hair and a dash of blue!

Updated Oct 12 2015

I think I had a little too much fun making this week's Monday Montage. It was such a treat to see all of the stunning photos submitted to the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool! So, as Monday tradition has it, I will now share my favesies with you! Enjoy some ravishing outdoor scenery, a few couple portraits, henna'd up hands, a mini owl cake-toppers and some overall LOVE, baby. Don't be shy, click on the photo to see more!

Photos by Stellar Photography
The night before Elizabeth & Shreyas' wedding, the wedding party got a little wild, ate too much ice cream, got henna tattoos and stayed up all night playing Halo. That sounds like my kind of party!

bridal party huddle
Photos by Bernard Nguyen and Charlie Beck
HELP! Caitlin is drowning in a sea of red. No wait, that's just Caitlin, her mom and bridesmaids having a group slow dance! The bridal party that sways together stays together?

Cheers, to Vicky, Jim and their groovy VW van!

Belle Isle romance
Photography by Mod4
There are too many amazing things happening in this photo! Why do I like this photo, you ask? Well first of all, Jamie's vintage dress is simply divine! I love the creamy, soft blue color with the pink crinoline. Seriously, I'm obsessed! Then her white, retro wedges and birdcage veil add just the right touch. Let's not forget the handsome groom in his glasses! MMM…

Heidelberg Project
Photography by Mod4
Then, in this photo we have the same magic happening with the clothes, just add in a funky background! Normally, I'm not one for cars but this car has fun spots painted on it! GENIUS! Also, I love the house with colorful polka dots painted on it! I feel like I just woke up from a day-dream I had when I was nine (and obsessed with polka dot everything). And, don't even get me started on how adorable Jamie and Jay look together. So in love. I wanna be on them! Ok, moving on now.

Wedding Ceremony
There is just something that is so intimate and romantic about a backyard wedding. Allison & Corey, you done good. I love the sunflowers and the maids in grey. Also, apparently they had maple bacon cupcakes!? Sounds pretty incredible.

Our wee topper
Photo courtesy of Ruby Sky Photography
OMG look at Hayley and Patrick's cute little owl cake toppers! They kind of remind me of that old owl dude from the tootsie pop commercials. I miss that guy, he was cute!

Photo by Onada Photography
I don't know about you, but I love a dude with long hair! SO HOT! Don't ask why, but I'm into it. Not to mention, the bride, Kerry looks like some kind of fairy goddess. Not only do they both look gorgeous, but their laid back wedding looked amazing too. I especially love how Chris tied his hair back during the ceremony and put daisies in it!!! And Chris gets triple bonus points for rocking shorts on their wedding day.

Photos by
This photo is kind of a magical mind-fuck. I love how grey everything is and then, POPKris and Erick have these tiny explosions of color. This photo trips me out a bit, in a good way!

  1. The polka dot car reminded me of the psychedelic studebaker from The Muppet Movie. Anything that reminds moi of Muppets scores 8 barillion gold stars!

    So much magnificent montageness today, but I especially adore that last puddle pic – the angle is awesome, and the dress… well, I just made a little puddle of my own over it.

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