Monday Montage: luck o' the Irish

March 14 2011 | offbeatbride

To get you in the spirit of the impending holiday, I've put together a green-themed Monday Montage. So grab a green beverage, don a shamrock and let these photos stimulate your St. Patrick's Day senses.

...not that we needed the Luck
Photo thanks to Matt Schoettle
Mis wasn't taking any chances on her wedding day. She carried a little luck o' the Irish with her by sewing a three leaf clover onto her dress!

woodland kisses
Photo courtesy of Jenee Whittick Photography
Tiffany and her hubby shared some woodland kisses in their green wedding wear.

One couple had a four leaf clover-shaped wedding cake honoring their honeymoon in Ireland.

Bridesmaids and Bridesmen
I love non-matching bridesmaids. Especially when they wear all of these luscious shades of green and yellow. Also, if you take a closer look, you'll notice that the bride, Rachel, has drumsticks coming out of her bouquet.

Photo courtesy of Karmen Meyer
Barncat looked stunning in her white wedding dress with green details. I love how her dress opens. Unfortunately, Barncat's adorable parasol couldn't protect everyone from the unexpected rain, so they were forced to move their wedding indoors.

Jamie and James dubbed their wedding theme "Time Pirates." True to the pirate and steampunk spirit, they travelled through time and stole what they loved from different eras. Jamie looks amazing in her pale mint, Victorian wedding dress. Don't get me started on James' outfit. I could hardly resist a man in a kilt and those sexy-knee high buckle-sided boots!

Daddy walking Nana & Me
How freakin' adorable is this bride being escorted down the aisle by her father and daughter?! Aww.

All the photos were taken by Katie Donaghue
Immediately after the ceremony, Mark and Anne hopped onto this little green rickshaw for some alone time.

Spinning and Spinning
Although Maria and Martin had a beautiful wedding ceremony Fulham Town Hall in London, the real reason they got married was to throw a rockin' party/reception.

Them's Fightin' Words!
Fans of the Fighting Irish?

green velvet cupcakes
Photo by Megan Finley Photography
John and Ai had his-and-hers cupcakes at their wedding reception. Red velvet vegan cupcakes for the vegan bride. And to celebrate the groom's Irish roots, they had (non-vegan) green velvet cupcakes!

Four-Leaf Clover
Lastly, I'll leave you with this photo of Steve with a four-leaf clover tucked into his pocket. Now, don't forget to wear something green on Thursday, unless you want to get pinched!

This week's Clicky Links:

  • If you love reading sweet and sappy romance stories like I do, then you must read about Crystal and Eric's wedding. These two high school sweethearts got married at a pie shop! (Thanks for the link, Amanda!)
  • In need of a funky and macabre hand-crafted cake-stand for your wedding? No Tengo Miedo Clay has some adorable pieces that will fill that void.
  • I'm kind of obsessed with the latest, Scot-tastic, felt flower bouquet by Princess Lasertron: The Academy Bouquet.
  • Megan sent me a link to this blog that often features vintage photos. This post was particularly awesome because it chronicles Eddie and Irene as they grew old together. "Here were two people who knew how to wear a smile."
  • Heather and David used their wedding as a platform to add their voice to the protests in Wisconsin.

Hey, photographers! I love you and do my best to attribute all Monday Montage photos, but sometimes brides don't include your info when they submit photos. If I've featured your work but it isn't properly credited, email me!

  1. I LOVE these!! Especially Barncat's dress…so beautiful!

    I'm 100% Irish, so I tried to have a few touches at my wedding…but for those who didn't catch the song my roommate sang at the wedding, there was the very obvious bottle of Guinness next to my champagne flute. Neither my husband or I drink champagne, so we toasted with our favorite beers. 🙂

  2. I love these ideas, bc my new fiance (just got engaged this weekend) is from Ireland, and I'm Irish-American and I'd love to have a touch of his homeland in our celebration (besides the drinking 🙂 )

  3. I'm very Irish too and originally thought about having mismatched green dresses like the ones in the photo above, plus the hubby loves green and looks good in it…
    …but then I had Irish family members tell me it is actually considered bad luck for an Irish person to wear green on their wedding day. and I kinda ended up shifting what I did. Anyone else ever heard of this?

    Also I lurrrvvvv Jamie's mint Victorian dress….so yummy for many reasons!

    • I was looking at these thinking the same thing. Although these are all beautiful weddings and I am thrilled for the happy couples, I was taught that it is bad luck to include green in the wedding. The Irish were very superstitious and did not wear green because it was thought to entice the fairies who would then steal the bride. I plan on having a horseshoe on my bracelet as a nod to traditional Irish weddings.

    • I'm Irish and it is definitely traditionally considered bad luck to wear green to a wedding. My grandmother banned my aunt from having green bridesmaids' dresses – and she was making them, so she had the final say!
      I'm not sure if that would stop me from wearing green if I ever get married, but it is definitely a real thing. Unlike "Patty's Day" – please god no! It's PaDDy's day or nothing!

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