Tying the knot, epic wedding dresses, and one uber geeky archway

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Every week I gawk at all of the insanely great photos in the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool. You guys always kill it. Just when I think weddings can't get any cooler, y'all make arches out of light-sabers, have dresses with epic trains, and just look so damn good.

Nadine 2 174
Nadine and her man sure know how to shake their groove thangs.

Heidi and her man tied the (hand-fasting) knot on the Aran Islands in Ireland. I'm lovin' the bride-in-pants look that Heidi is rocking. Flowy tunic + white pants = YES PLEASE.

Photos by Di Victoria Yin

OMG. Can we all just take a second to appreciate the bottom of CJ's dress? That skirt is amazing! Jess is one lucky lady. Stayed tuned to get their full wedding profile later this week.

Kimberly and her partner had an Alice In Wonderland-themed wedding. I love their mini top-hats and the Alice look-alike.

Waiting to walk in
Holy shit. The back of this dress is royally epic.

I love the flower belt, orange accessories, and bouquet action happening in this shot. Tres chic.

Photo thanks to Caitlin's Creations Photography

Green shoes abound!

Lab coats and capes AND light-sabers, OH MY! Stephanie and her husband aren't afraid to show their geeky side.

Photo by Yin Tang

Ben and Ella's friends joined in on their first dance. They formed a line and skipped to Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros' “Home.”

The princess bride & medieval groom!
Joe and Chrystine got married at the Waxahachie Scarborough Faire. I adore the wreath of silver flowers and ribbons in Chrystine's hair.

To end this Monday Montage with a bang, I give you this. Put me in my grave because I DIE. Everything in this photo is FUCKING amazing. Especially the colors.

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Hey, photographers! I love you and do my best to attribute all Monday Montage photos, but sometimes brides don't include your info when they submit photos. If I've featured your work but it isn't properly credited, email me!

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  1. What a creative batch of photos this Monday morning! I’m in love the with green wedding shoes of the bride and groom. <3 Shoe shots are amazing!

  2. I love pictures of smiling brides! From the first picture to the last, I smiled throughout the whole post. Congrats to all the beautiful lovers of love!

  3. Oh those green shoes. I love that the groom got to be part of the colored-shoe trend. And I love the song “Home”. I have deeply considered it being the last song of the night.

  4. thanks so much for featuring my photo!!! it was even prettier in person!!!!…her dress & headwear…very very pretty, in the sunlight!

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