I could lose myself in the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool for hours days. You bitches are too good. This week I was fawning over all of your sextastic corsets. They are so classic, yet they make me feel so naughty. I like it and I can't stop staring. Once you see these beauties, you won't be able to stop ogling either.

Getting ready

When it comes to lacing up corsets, sometimes you gotta put a little elbow grease into it!

parasol - sun protection or fashion accessory?

The caption on this photo says, “parasol — sun protection or fashion accessory?” Either way, I say hell yeah.

The car, the nymphs, the brides

I also say HELL YEAH to posing with classic cars and hot singing groups called The Nymphs.

official wedding photos 236

A corset and a kilt? Together? In one photo? I must be dreaming.

Seth & Kelley Formal Wedding Portrait

Seth and Kelley look stupid hot in their wedding attire. They must be trying to seduce me, and it's working.

Dramatic Back View

I mean, get an eyeful of the back of Kelley's corset. I DIE.


Want to see even more corsets? CLICK HERE!

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Comments on Bitchin’ brides in killer corsets

  1. I love seeing the pictures of brides with parasols and bouquets. I’d been having trouble visualizing holding both but pictures are nice.
    +Plus I love that you folks <3 corsets. I'm the only one I know that wears corsets as daily dress and feel quite happy when I see visions of other girls in corsets too!

  2. Corestry is so underrated as wearable art. I know of a seamstress who is just divine and I can’t wait to become a corseted bride in one of her pieces!

    This post was one of my favourites on OBB so far and I’d love to see more on corsets and the kickass brides who wear ’em!


  3. WOW. I admire all of these brides! The one time I tried to wear a corset, I ended up with bruises all around my ribcage. Me and my flabby spare tire applaud you, ladies!

    • Bad fitting corsets are painful no matter what size you are. Custom/fitted corsets are supposed to be tight but not seriously uncomfortable. I’m not exactly petite and I’ve known people with up to size 24 (US/CAN) and higher custom corsets and they can totally rock ’em. 🙂 It’s all in the fit.

  4. Amen, Katie.
    I’m not petite either – flabby spare tire stomach ahoy! But because my dress (first photo) was custom made for me, it fit so well, and I wasn’t in pain at all the whole day/night… of course, I’m sure adrenaline, nerves and alchohol might have had a helping hand in the sensory department…

  5. So cool you posted those!!! One thing, second photo, the back view of the dress, was done by Francis Abbey 🙂

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