Monday Montage: colors, fairy bridesmaids, plus the most amazing rear-view of a dress EVAR

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Well, ladies and gentleman, it's that time again: time for me to share some of my favorite pictures from the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool with all of you. Happy Monday Montage! This weeks doesn't really have a theme but there are lots of bright colors, a few fairy dresses and a couple beach weddings.
Check out Rhiannon in this ridiculously gorgeous rainbow skirt. Rhiannon & Graham had a faery/viking/folk metal wedding in a freakin' castle.

And look how colorful her fairy bridesmaids are! I'm drooling. I hope we can share more details on this wedding with you soon.

Look how dashing Kerry & Jeremy look. Their wedding theme involved pink and leopard. Incredible! I just love how the hot pink roses match Jeremy's tie perfectly.

And check out their hot pink bridesmaids. So fierce. I love the leopard, pink and tattoos! I kind of think these ladies need to wear these hot pink dresses ALL THE TIME!

First dance - funky chicken style
OMFG! Get this, Cat & JP danced the funky chicken during their first dance. They are officially my new heros!

I love this ribbon veil! I couldn't find many details on Amy & Ian's wedding but I would kill to see more photos.

Sunset photoshoot
Shaun & Lauren had a beach wedding in Florida. How gorgeous does the sky look in this photo? It kind of makes Shaun & Lauren glow!

Etsy Veil Take a closer look at Lauren's bird cage veil. She got it on etsy!

rock pose
Emma & her man Joe look like they just got shipwrecked on a deserted island and I'm not gonna lie but it's kind of turning me on. I absolutely love Emma's dress with the ripped skirt, she looks like a hot fairy/pirate. And look at the shell detailing on their outfits, it totally ties their whole beach wedding theme together.

Oo la la look at Emily and her dude making time for a quick post ceremony cuddle.

The frock
Seriously, this dress can't even be real! Like, really? Nicole and her husband Glenn live in London but they had a destination wedding in Australia. It looks like they pulled it off without a hitch. Doesn't Nicole look MAJOR!

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