Here's your weekly installment of the monday montage. Every week I look through the Offbeat Bride Flickr pool and select some of my favoritest photos to share with you all!

Courtesy of AJS Photography

How amazing does Shelley's dress look with that pink crinoline and the rest of those pink accents? I mean check out this cute little fabric pom-pom! And that car compliments their outfits even more! Such a seriously colorful UK wedding.

Leg tattoos
Thanks Stacy for sharing your incredible stems with us. All I have to say is, Leg tattoos + killer shoes = FUCKING RAD!

Schuyler & Kavisa Wedding
I really think this photo speaks for itself. Schuyler and Kavisa. That dress. The trees. Those flowers. SO gorgeous. We hope to feature this wedding soon!

Tanzanite engagement ring (we met in Tanzania and you can only get this stone there), titanium wedding bands, love entwined
Kavisa's engagement ring has a tanzanite stone. They decided on this stone because Schuyler and Kavisa met in Tanzania, and Tanzanite can only be found there. The caption for this photo said “love entwined.” Awww!!

Abby and Kerry did so many things right in this photo. Hello BLUE!

Kodak Film + Hasselblad Camera = ADORABLY RETRO PHOTO!

Umm wow! Where do I begin? First of all, Jon & Carla both look UH-mazing. I love Carla's crown of flowers and the rest of their green accents! Second of all, what is that mysterious hut behind them? Some kind of magical hobbit house!? I need to be there.

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    • I was so excited to see that chapel, I love sea ranch! I’ve always wanted to go inside, what does it look like?

  1. I Heart that Hobbit House!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an awesome place for a wedding. 🙂

  2. That last pic looks like the odd little non-denominational chapel near Sea Ranch in Northern California. The inside is even odder and more beautiful than the outside!

  3. Those are my rad tattooed legs, but not my rad profile (it belongs to another OBT member who has a really great looking dress, by the way). My member profile is atoz, hers is a to z. Thanks for putting my photo up. It made my day!

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