I extra-love this photo because Raina is wearing her Mom's wedding dress. Lemme tell you, offbeat brides rock the vintage like no othas.

The whole set's a dream, really … including this awesome “you may now kiss the bride” photo. Hopefully I'll have more info about this wedding soon! All I can tell you for now is that they got married in a library in upstate NY.

(Thanks to mike.turz for the photo!)

Get the full scoop on this wedding right here.

Comments on Mom’s wedding dress

  1. Best. Kiss. Photos. Ever!

    And I have quite the collection started!

    She’s totally rockin’ that vintage dress. Love it!

    I haven’t even browsed all the photos yet, but I just had to come back and compliment them on such a beautiful wedding day. You can just feel the emotions through the photos.

  2. Love the library idea! I may be biased (I work in a library) but I think the venue is lovely and unique.

  3. Great photograph! I love checking out this site and seeing all the refreshing wedding ideas. Off beat weddings lead to refreshing creative photographs. Wedding photography has come a long way in the past 10 years! Thank God!

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