Modern shoes with a touch of that vintage feel

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This is a week to deviate from my usual taste in rainbows and ridiculousness! I’m going to spend a morning trying my hand at vintage-inspired shoes on the more classy end of the spectrum… let’s see some stuff from Betty Page shoes, Chase and Chloe, and Pinup Couture.

I’ve got retro shoes in various flavors: t-straps, platforms, and a few flats. We’ve got gentle rose colors, champaign and ivory, and some lovely yellows… but of course some brighter colors too because I can’t help myself! So, yes: let’s get classy for a moment. Join me?






Comments on Modern shoes with a touch of that vintage feel

  1. Twist my arm! Okay I just ordered the gold shoes! Had seen those before, but I need some dancing shoes and the reviews say they’re comfy! Thanks for the push!

  2. WHY ARE THOSE FABULOUS GREEN BOOTS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. They were supposed to be MINE, I tell you. Mine!

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