How to make DIY mint matchbook wedding favors

Guest post by Liz Gubernatis

Hey lady, got a light? When serving up some rockin' flavors, it's also a kindness to offer a Lifesaver. Tasty fresh breath at the end of your savory (or sweet!) food fest lets folks get a little closer while slow dancing. I've seen it in movies! Here's a way to dress up some super-cheap grocery store mints into a totally tricked-out mini-favor.

Materials and tools for this mint matchbook DIY project

Special note regarding mints: I'd advise only making one per guest or so. Lifesavers' individually wrapped mints are what I use, but your mileage may vary. I like the spearmint, but you should grab a bag of your favorite flavor. Doesn't even have to be mints — a rainbow of colorful sweets = awesomesauce, but mint's the idea in this post.

How to make your DIY mint matchbook wedding favors

Step 1: Print and cut out the template. (Or if you don't have a printer, cut out a rectangle 2″ by 5″ out of heavier-stock paper.)

Step 2: Trace template onto scrapbook paper. Using the back of a butter knife, score the folds.

Step 3: Cut out the traced paper and fold along scored lines.

Fold along scored lines

Step 4: Insert the mint's plastic wrapper edge into the smallest fold and staple near the fold, catching the wrapper but not piercing the pocket holding the candy.

Staple mint into pocket

Step 5: Fold the top piece into the bottom, stapled fold. TaDa! Your minty matchbook is freshness on fire! Now just repeat till you have enough and/or the bag is empty.

Finished Mintbook

(I recommend assembly-lining this — trace all of them, cut all of them, etc. Makes a great project for sitting in front of the TV watching a season of something on Netflix.)


Just about any individually wrapped candy can be packaged this way.

Larger pieces may need to have larger versions of the paper template, but can still work just fine.

You can also download this printable template, adding your own pattern, logo, whatever you like before printing and just cut out the printed papers to wrap your mints.

Alternatively, decorate with a sticker, some ribbon, or anything else that strikes your fancy.


If you have trouble cutting a straight line, never fear. Embrace your wonky lines and make it look like they're supposed to be that way. Some folks find it easier to fold a line then cut along it. Others like to use these fancy wrapping paper cutter thingies. Just remember: no one you care about is going to be smack-talking your wonky cuts.

I used three different scrapbook paper designs, in part because I had a book of paper that only had two sheets per design and I didn't feel like buying more, and in part because the perfectionist in me likes the cheap-ass in me to say “no, it's supposed to be mis-matched, silly!” to which perfectionist me says, “oh, ok, cool — thanks!” Don't let a nice cheap project like this get unduly expensive on you. Use what you have in your stash, or grab a good deal with a Michaels' coupon, but don't go broke on mintbooks.


Check out how one Offbeat Bride made her DIY mint matchbook favors look awesome:

Mintbooks by ratslaughlast


Want some DIY mint matchbook ideas, or maybe just want to bail on DIYing it?

Here are some of our favorite mint wedding favors from Etsy… you can use them either as inspiration, or just say “fuggit” and buy your favors from an artisan instead of DIYing. (No shame in that!)

Mint matchbook favors from MoreThanWordsABC
These mint matchbook covers are from AppleBlossomWeddings
Here's a similar mint matchbook favor concept from ShindyCo– but with TicTacs!

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  1. Aaaamazing. I was just pondering favors today, so this was perfect timing! Thank you again OBB for being telepathic ;D

    • Hi I love this, but I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to tell you that this is how I make my product samples, goody bag donations and event favors! Its great little concept for holding your product and promoting info right?!
      I hope you don’t mind me sharing this…

  2. This has given me the greatest favour plan yet. We’ve been struggling to come up with something inexpensive but fun. It also made me realize the best part about getting married in October is halloween candy, all of those are individually wrapped! I realize my wedding is over 7 months away and I won’t need favours for a long time, but this just made my day! Thanks I love it!

  3. This is great! We were planning on having mints for some garlic heavy dishes we’ll be having, and this will be a great way to do it 🙂

  4. Oooo.. you could put those flat “mint strips” in there as well. Everybody likes those except me. For me they’re like a nuclear explosion in my mouth. I can’t really taste anything but pain.

  5. Ooooh. We were looking for something under $1 per person, and I LOVE this! I know what I’m doing this weekend (wedding is in 31 days! ahhhh!)!

  6. AMAZING. Also: let’s have more tutorials that can explicitly be done while watching “a season of something on Netflix”.

  7. “because the perfectionist in me likes the cheap-ass in me to say ‘no, it’s supposed to be mis-matched, silly!’ to which perfectionist me says, ‘oh, ok, cool — thanks!’ ”

    LOL, Totally have the conversation with myself whenever i try to make something a little less than perfect on purpose.

    Also, Cute idea!

    • So glad I’m not the only one who has that self-conversation. 🙂 I think it’s a good way to stay sane to decide that imperfection is part of the goal.

  8. Great idea!! maybe I will do this for those mini candy canes for a Christmas holiday party… something fun and small for adults for sure. Just a thought you could write something small like thank you or names n date to name a few if you like….

    • You could totally write messages, add stickers, stamps, any kinds of decorations. While you’re making them, you might even add a step where you sign your thanks inside. I think it’s great for a holiday or birthday party, too. 🙂

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