Buddhist and Western traditions combine in this Asian foodie wedding

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Katrina from Studio Laguna spent the day with Lisa and Lucien, capturing their dual-ceremony, dual-culture, dual-amazing wedding at The Depot in Minneapolis. What Katrina really loved was the FOOD — sadly, we can't experience it first hand, but let's salivate over some photos. From this angle, the outfits in both ceremonies look pretty hard to beat.

Here is ceremony number one with outfit selection number one, showcasing Lisa's super chic updo. (And the swoon-inducing nose peck!)

Mmmm… sushi and mashed potato bar fixings! More to come on the food later.

Lisa and her bridesmaids plus a better view of her Eastern garment.

Lucien and his groomsmen were looking particularly snazzy.

Lisa and Lucien donned their traditional Eastern outfits and had a formal buddhist tea ceremony.

Family and friends gathered to watch the bride and groom present both grandparents and parents with a cup of tea and ask permission to marry.

The second ceremony was influenced by Western culture and featured these killer silver heels!

The second “first look” of the day. Lisa's white gown was by La Sposa.

Zinnia Design Florals crafted the floral pieces for both ceremonies and the reception. Lisa's love of moss and the color palette influenced the variety of the flora.

The pair chose a string trio to accompany the second ceremony in the Winter Garden. Check out Lisa's necklace here!

Table numbers via chop sticks, natch! I love the presentation.

A traditional Chinese Lion Dance preempted the grand march with drums, cymbals, and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

And now the food! There were two food stations, one Eastern (including this yummy-looking sushi) and one Western. There was even a mashed potato bar with the potatoes served in martini glasses. P.S. wasabi hearts FTW!

Don't forget the sugar. A few wedding pies to top it all off.

There's the necklace in all its glory. Plus a ton of love and joy, as you can obviously see here.

For more of this multicultural and epicurean wedding in Minnesota, head to Studio Laguna's blog entry.

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  1. This is very beautiful. Looks like it was delicious, and the entire thing brings me calm feeling of happiness. And now, I want sushi.

  2. Yay for another multi-cultural offbeat wedding! I’m part of another white girl/asian boy couple and it looks like you guys blended cultures so smoothly while honoring important traditions! That Lion Dance looks friggin awesome!

  3. There was even a mashed potato bar with the potatoes served in martini glasses.
    Yes! Yes! The whole wedding is fantastic but the food really rocked my world!

  4. They have FANTASTIC taste! I would love to know where she got her jewelry and hairpiece!

  5. This is fantastic! I love how everything is combined its sooo gorgeous! Completely blown away!

  6. I love seeing how creatively multi-cultural couples blend in their traditions and cultures. Lovely-looking pair.

  7. I needed some inspiration for my own multicultural wedding (literally same scenario and cultures, just switch genders), so this is incredibly helpful!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

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