Use Minglo to get wedding guests of all types to know each other

Updated Oct 12 2015
Photo by Jenny GG

When we shared Ariel's awesome Minglo (mingling + bingo) party idea over on Offbeat Home & Life, Homie Marina told us she used this idea with great success at one of her wedding parties…

I did this at my wedding pre-party, in a super-low-tech Word table. It was AWESOME. Stuff like:

  • traveled more than 500 miles to get here
  • speaks a language other than English
  • plays a musical instrument
  • willing to sing to you right now,
  • less than half your age
  • more than twice your age

Especially awesome in mixed company. I think it got the young folks talking to the old folks, and my family talking to his family, and local friends talking to far-flung friends. Good times.

Head over to Offbeat Home & Life to see how the game is played and to download a template for your own use.