A sweet milkmaid braid tutorial for short-haired brides

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Can I just say that I am so happy that braids are back and that I'm seeing milkmaid braids everywhere? Give me a barefoot bride in braids and I'm won over. This tutorial comes from YouTuber Shirleybeniang of Meek-n-Mild.com. She has shorter hair and utilizes extensions to get the required amount of length. This look can obviously lend itself to a casual or hippie vibe, but the way Shirley is styled, with the red lips and tendrils, gives this style a really chic edge. Wonder twin versatility power activate!

Check out the video for the full how-to:

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Comments on A sweet milkmaid braid tutorial for short-haired brides

  1. That’s how I’m doing my hair for my wedding! I already did a hair trial and we are using more hair and braids to get a more royal look.

  2. Love it! I’ve been looking for good extensions to use. Hers match perfectly.

  3. This is definitely getting me to rethink my original “No extensions” policy for my wedding hair. I’ll play with natural textures to see if this can be a thing.

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