Liz and Cristina got married in Miami and spent the entire day together, including getting gussied up together. There were a couple of amazing Wai-Ching dresses, colorful boots, and bacon earrings. Mark and Raven of Leah and Mark Photography captured all the mushy moments with these two gals.

Mmm… ring closeup. Like their dresses, they match without being matchy-matchy. And check out the bacon earrings!

Here is a good shot of the wedding henna while the couple got ready to make their entrance at the church.

Check out the chapel! It's rustic and quaint while still being opulent. There is definitely an old world Miami feel to it.

Fantastic dresses alert! The colors and embroidery look beautiful together.

A hint of killer tats and a sweet kiss are a winning combination.

The benefit of a Miami wedding: tropical foliage!

'80s-style buttons with modern catchphrases! I love this hard. (That's what she said.)

This cake looks like it is combining the dress design with the ring design plus some awesome nature inspiration.

Holy moly! A funnel cake station rocks. Totally nom-worthy.

You can see more of this colorful couple at Leah and Mark's blog including lots of henna shots and more tropical goodness.

photography: Leah and Mark Photography
dresses: Wai Ching

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Comments on A wedding in Miami with boots, Wai-Ching, and funnel cake

    • The bacon earrings came from Uncommon Goods. At least, that’s what the box said when I opened it.

  1. Oh man, the first thing I did was price out Wai-Ching dresses after I got engaged. If I had the money, they are so worth spending it!

    • One of my goals is to someday have enough spare cash to get me a wai-ching dress. They are soooo gorgeous.

  2. Hey, that’s us! The bacon earrings were a gift from one of my professors…from We loved our dresses…they were so light and and comfortable and fabulous. I plan on wearing mine a lot. Maybe to Arby’s, or something.

    And Superman…will you add the tag “queer”? Thank you 🙂

  3. WHAT is the name of that church?? I love it!!! This wedding is extra-fantastic. Congrats!

    • Those are a Lee Krombholz design. He is in Cinncinati, and we, well Liz, did it all by email and snail mail.

  4. Holy frijoles WHERE did you get that cake??? It’s freaking gorgeous. Was it as tasty as it is beautiful? I’m looking for a baker for my Ft. Lauderdale wedding, and would love recommendations.

    • I work for Sweet Art by Lucila (Lucila is my Mom) and I designed the cake. A few of our very talented decorators translated my drawing into reality. The flavor was Grand Marnier with Nutella filling and chocolate whipped icing. It was SO TASTY! I’d be happy to set up a tasting with you if you would like.

      • O.M.G. “Grand Marnier with Nutella filling and chocolate whipped icing” – I just died. Except I can’t die yet, because now I MUST find or make a cake like this….

      • Oh! Your wife must be Rizbunny then. 🙂 We had talked about this cake (I assume there aren’t two couples getting married in Miami with this particular cake)! Congratulations!! I would LOVE a cake tasting. Actually, I’m in the process of setting up appointments. Should I contact you via your website?

        • Ha! Yes! Best bet is probably to call the Bird Road store(305-668-0060) on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday (hey, that last one is today!) and ask for Cristina.

  5. This is SUCH a beautiful day. I keep falling victim to wedding traditions that I don’t believe in and that don’t apply to me – such as not seeing “the bride” (we’re both brides) before the wedding. Captured this way, it makes so much more sense to spend that time together!

  6. So great to see a church that welcomes and affirms the marriage of same sex couples. Let’s hope this is a trend that will continue!

    • It is fantastic. FYI – I’m pretty sure that the denomination (UCC) as a whole calls same-sex marriages “Holy Unions” [which bothers me a little, but that’s another issue] but we and our pastor and our church were clear that this was our wedding and what we have is our marriage. That’s how we all referred to it.

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