Imagine getting to attend a French-Mexican fusion wedding outside of Mexico City with local and French foods, amazing dancing (salsa included), and tons of DIY details. Julie Hagenbuch got to do just that when she photographed Marie and Mario's gorgeous ceremony and party under the stars.

Marie handmade her own dress (including the embroidery) in addition to embroidering Mario's shirt and painting his vintage sandals. She also made the mango centerpieces, hand-painted the bird placemats, and made the napkin holders.

The food looked divine too. A bowl of hors d'oeuvres on each table was filled with both chicharrones and French cheese. The meal was Mexican with blue tortillas with cactus and sheep filler, but dessert was a French custard cake covered in grapes. The party went into the night, kept going by a large bonfire.

For much more on this wedding, check out the blog posts at Julie Hagenbuch's blog: part one, two, and three. You can also check her out on Facebook.

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Comments on A French-Mexican fusion wedding in Mexico City

  1. I know this is a bit off topic, but I love it when couple’s names are so similar! I know a Denis and Glenis, and a Stephan and Stephanie. I know I’ve met others, but I can’t remember them. Anyone else?

  2. Thanks Gelasia (and 6 other people :)) I just wanted to credit my mother and aunts for making the mango centerpieces, my god-father for getting high on spray paint while stenciling the place-mats, my friend Alix who herself had a beautiful wedding with amazing photography last summer for handwriting our names on a thousand napkin holders… and my wonderful in laws, all of them, for catering and waiting at the wedding, because it was all very low-cost and DIY, and Julie’s pictures captured the simplicity of it all beautifully!

    • Clafoutis, a traditional French recipe, probably the most delicious and low-fat cake ever:

      1 pound dark cherries (at the wedding, it was grapes cause Mexico doesn’t really have cherries)

      3.5 oz flour
      2.5 oz sugar
      1 teaspoon salt
      4 eggs
      1 cup milk
      Rum or vanilla extract (optional)

      Preheat oven to 410 °F

      Scatter the cherries (whole, with pits) in a buttered or non adhesive cake mold (round).

      Mix together all the ingredients but the milk (by hand). Mix in milk little by little (that’s so you don’t get lumps).

      Cover cherries with mix (it’s ok if they float).

      Bake for 30-40 minutes (till knife comes out clean and top is golden brown)


  3. What a beautiful wedding! Of course, I’ve seen these pictures before because I stalk Julie Hagenbuch Photography’s website on occasion. I love her work. She’s going to be my wedding photographer in a couple of months. I love all the candids (I’m not big on posing) and how she makes the most normal things (mismatched dishes on a table) still look awesome.

    • You’re lucky to have Julie as a photographer, she’s wonderful, discreet and always where she needs to be… Many of my favorite photos from the wedding aren’t featured here! And don’t worry about the posing, I hate it, but Julie is casual and fun about it and will make you feel at ease 🙂

  4. On the topic of same named couples, I know a Chris and Chrissie-and they also have the exact last name! (i.e: Chris Smith and Chrissie Smith Smith)

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