Anna & Renie’s quirky and colorful Mexico wedding

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 | Photography by Gil Moñtano Fotographía

The Offbeat Bride: Anna, Teacher (and Tribesmaid)

Her offbeat partner: Renie, Photographer

Date and location of wedding: Guanajuato, Mexico — April 21, 2014

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: We decided to have a very small wedding in Guanajuato. We only had about 25 guests and it was very intimate. We rented a home, stayed there for a few days with the wedding party before, had a ceremony on the terrace, and just enjoyed each other. There was finger foods, good cake, wine, dancing, and karaoke! We took a walk through the city, led by musicians. But it rained and my dress got SUPER dirty… so worth it! It was a magical day for us.





Tell us about the ceremony:
Renie is from Venezuela, I am from the United States, and we got married and are making our life together in Mexico. My bridesmaids wore amazing dresses and looked so beautiful. We got married in an old, gorgeous, Mexican home that had Mexican folk art and a Mediterranean feel. It was everything we wanted for culture, lore, and intimacy.



Our biggest challenge:
We planned a wedding involving people from three different countries. Having friends coming from the States, Venezuela, and those who already live here in Mexico. Also, the wedding was in a different city than that which we live. Being sure that everyone who wanted to come was able, and that they had a place to stay, was probably the most difficult. Thank goodness I have a friend living in the city where the wedding was and she was a MAJOR help.


My favorite moment:
During the ceremony, we washed each other's feet. We did this in order to demonstrate that we want to serve one another through our marriage. It was such a beautiful moment for me.

My funniest moment:
I told myself I wouldn't cry during my vows. However, as soon as I opened my mouth I started crying. I was a little frustrated with myself and so the first word of my vows was actually, “CRAP!”



What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding?
I had planned and replanned this wedding for over a year. I also tend to be resistant to change and could feel myself freaking out when things didn't go as I thought they should. I got a massage the day of the wedding, as a present from a friend, and it really relaxed me. I learned that I needed to relax and enjoy the day. It was the most fun day of my life so far, and I am still learning from that great experience that life really is about the journey.



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Comments on Anna & Renie’s quirky and colorful Mexico wedding

  1. I love everything about this. You are a beautiful, beautiful couple. Best of everything to you both!

    • Thank you SO much…just now seeing these, about 6 months after the event & they’re lovely comments. 🙂

  2. Look at all the color! This is lovely and fabulous. It actually gave me a lot of ideas about decorating. Yay color!

  3. The washing of the feet is a neat idea. Your whole wedding looks GORGEOUS- best wishes!!

  4. I used to live in Guanajuato in my twenties! What a brilliant venue choice. It is such a picturesque, romantic place. Did you end up in the kissing alley? I love the photo of you peeking out at your dress. And your husband’s outfit is just adorable ^^ Congratulations~!

    • Guanajuato IS amazing. When we went on the Callejoneada, we DID make it to the Callejon del Beso & it was PERFECT! Thanks so much.

  5. Hi! Beautiful wedding and couple, congrats! Could you please tell me, where did you get the dress? It is beautiful. Planning my own wedding, I have a similar figure to the bride and am in love with this dress.
    Also, love the spirit of the wedding, we are also planning something small but fun.

    • I am SO sorry I’m just seeing this! I actually got it over a year ago at David’s Bridal…it was a really amazing dress!

  6. So happy for you both. You were meant to be together! This is a silly question, but did you get your dress dry cleaned or washed to preserve and save a remembrance of your wedding?
    Also do you teach English or what is type of school??
    Bless you and Best wishes!!

    • I did NOT get my dress dry cleaned & it’s been almost 6 months now & I really, really should. I’d like to have it made into a quilt actually. I think that would be really neat. Also, I teach at a school IN English…I also happen to teach English, but the school is a normal school with various subjects. 🙂

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