Spectacular masculine engagement rings for all your proposing needs
Masculine engagement ring + wedding band set from lolide

We recently received two requests for advice on men's engagement rings and I couldn't resist doing a little reconnaissance (and window shopping!) for some masculine rings that will totally make your dude say yes to the proposal. Maybe he wants a token to really feel engaged, it's a two-dude partnership where both want an engagement ring, or whatever the reason… equal engagement ring love for all!

My partner has expressed interest in an engagement ring. I am very excited to get him something special. He wants to express his commitment and enthusiasm about our engagement by also having a symbol to wear. I would love to get him an engagement ring and later a matching wedding band. – Callista
I'm thinking about proposing to my boyfriend, but I'm struggling to find a good engagement ring for him. Most advice on the subject suggests using your future wedding ring, but those are something I'd like to pick out together, whereas this is something from me to him. I'm looking for something practical and chunky that doesn't look like some kind of signet ring, that will sit nicely next to a wedding ring. – Mina

Thanks for the awesome questions, y'all!

Here are some masculine-friendly men's engagement rings with which to propose to your partner (some with an LGBTQ-slant!). Some can function as a set with another band and some work double-duty as a wedding band.

Spectacular masculine engagement rings for all your proposing needs
18K Gold and Diamond engagement ring set from Doron Merav Weddings
Star Wars wedding jewelry from MetalWendler that you have to see to believe!
Spectacular masculine engagement rings for all your proposing needs
Damascus Steel Tension Set Ring from Red River Rings
Spectacular masculine engagement rings for all your proposing needs
Blue sapphire engagement ring from DeMer Jewelry
Spectacular men's engagement rings for all your proposing needs
Black onyx ring from Gemvara
Dragonscale ring
Freaking out over this rose gold moon phases men's engagement ring from SwankMetalsmithing

Are YOU in need of a masculine or unisex engagement ring? Tell us your story in the comments!


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Comments on Spectacular men’s engagement rings for all your proposing needs

  1. I was one of the question askers 🙂 I actually went with this, since Whitby is a place that means a lot to both of us. The ring itself is lovely, but dealing with the jewellers was a pain. They’re, uh, not very communicative, shall we say? It’s taken us four months to get it exchanged for a smaller size. But it’s done and dusted now, and he’s very happy with this ring.

    (the cutest thing is I went to propose to him with it, and he pulled out a ring for me! My attempts to subtly get his ring size apparently weren’t very subtle)

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My boyfriend and I agree that I’m going to be the one to propose to him… and I’ve thought of tons of ways, but nothing says “get legally tied” like a ring, in my opinion.

  3. These are incredible finds — and honestly, my lady fingers would love to wear about half of them (especially that first one, it’s been on my wish list for ages). Gotta get the husband into a less work-with-his-hands job so he can get a ring with a stone.

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