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Real talk, medieval wardrobe and accessories aren't conveniently available for pick up at your local bridal boutique.

Luckily, our Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide features designers and jewelry-makers who should totally get knighted for nailing the medieval fantasy wedding vibe. Ready to find your new favorite period piece? Onward!

These ‘fits from Armstreet are straight out of a fairytale.

Tolkien fans will flip for Badali Jewelry‘s Lord of the Rings jewelry collection.

Babes with the power can get this Labyrinth inspired look from Peony & Lace by Felicity Westmacott.

When it comes to historical wedding wardrobe, Twin B Designs has got you covered. Literally!

Wardrobe by Twin B Designs

Escape in an ethereal elven cape from Firefly Path Gown & Capes.

When it comes to medieval fantasy, KMKDesigns always understands the assignment.

Wardrobe by KMKDesigns
Wardrobe by KMKDesigns

Welcome guests to your Viking village with an on-theme sign.

Viking Wedding Welcome Sign by Divine Deer Designs

Send your guests an invitation to your medieval wedding!

Invitation suite by Midnight Revels

Now go out there and make your medieval fantasy wedding dreams a reality!

Looking for inclusive wedding vendors who share your love of medieval history and other offbeat interests? Check out the listings for the vendors listed below, or check out our vendor guide to find our curated list of wedding vendors who get excited by creative and nontraditional ideas. (And if you're a vendor who fits the bill, let's get you in here!)

Meet your new BFF wedding vendor

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