Gabby and Josh found common ground in their fashion choices and expressed their love of punk culture with these epic red mohawks. They had made a pact when they were dating that when they got married, red mohawks were a must, so nobody could dissuade them. And why would they want to?

They were married at Hartwood Acres Mansion in Pittsburgh, PA, which was in perfect contrast to the red and black looks of the couple and the wedding party. Gabby described their style as “laid back punk rock gothic.”

OMG the fiery stole! That officiant is so full of win.

Gabby said that she was nervous about being in front of a bunch of people. But her friend told her that once she was up there, it will just look like a sea of people. Gabby said, 'That was actually true.'

Check out the rest of the fashion radness by photographer Ane Imagery:

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Comments on A mohawk match made in punk rock heaven

  1. “Gabby said that she was nervous about being in front of a bunch of people.”

    Funny how that happens! Even dressing for attention, people become uncomfortable when it really is all eyes on you. The “sea of people” will certainly help me to think of & stay calm.


  2. The bride is just so ridiculously adorable. Her smile coming down the aisle is just so perfect!!! Looks like a very happy, very awesome wedding. 🙂

  3. I love this wedding!! They look fantastic. Is it possible to get more information on her vendors? I would love to know who her photographer is and where she found the awesome minister.

    • The photographer credit is listed twice — once at the top, and once at the bottom. 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness, that dress. I’m flipping out. What style!! Also, Pittsburgh represent, whoop whoop!

  5. This is quite possibly the cutest wedding ever. Love the fashion, LOVE the hair, and they look so delighted and happy

  6. Oh my her hair is amazing! I think I spent 15 minutes ogling her amazeballs hair before I even noticed the stunning dress. And then I spent another 15 minutes staring.

  7. Ridiculous amounts of awesomeness! Stunning lady and wedding and HAIR!!!! Does anyone know what the beautiful black stone is in Gabby’s engagement ring? Her bands are utterly beautiful.

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