Match your hair and your wedding shoes

Updated Oct 12 2015
Photo by Jenn Link Photography
Photo by Jenn Link Photography

Ooh, girl. You know I loves me some loud shoes and some pink hair and when you coordinate your loud pink shoes with your bright pink hair? You're basically guaranteeing that I have to go change my pants.

To see more of Offbeat Bride reader Ferretgirl's insanely gorgeous Richmond, VA, wedding (the coordinated hair & shoes are really just the tip of the incredible iceberg), head on over to Jenn Link Photography.

    • I THINK that what's happening with the pink is actually a series of loose knots, and then the rest of it is a loose french braid down the back of the head, then small sections are straight-braided and wrapped around all of the hair to finish it. But I'm with you, I'd LOVE a tutorial for this. It's pretty awesome.

      • I'd love some cool hair tutorials. Especially for those of us who's hair is different lengths or layered.

  1. Ohhie! I love this, and I sorta matched my hair and shoes for my wedding too! I had cotton candy pink hair and a pair of those pink petal toms. ^_^

  2. I've already planned to have my hair match my bridal party colors in some way. If we go with purple – im doing my whole head, but if we go for green or orange (we havent decided yet) Im just going for bold streaks

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