When Pam from Altared Visions told us about Robyn and Matt, we were super excited. Robyn is a burlesque dancer and they both know a lot of performers. So a carnival theme was a no-brainer. They ended up with a balloon and streamer-strewn party complete with a magician, hula hoop performer, roller girls, a slushie machine(!!), and a flashmob-style bouquet toss/dance to none other than Beyonce's “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).”

After seeing this seafoam reception dress, I know you want to see more, including the video from this dance. Check out Altared Visions' blog on this carnival and performance wedding.

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Comments on A hula hooping carnival performance wedding

  1. Holy Hotness, Batman! That seafoam dress looks amazing! What a beautiful bride and super-fun looking wedding!

    • I’m doing a carnival theme wedding, and I love your details! Any suggestions on decor?

  2. That is indeed an elephant nose! She was performing to “Pink Elephants on Parade”! That is the beautiful Lollihoops in action!

    The magician is Dezrah The Strange, for anyone wondering. 🙂

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