Masculine suits for women, trans men, and other handsome AF folks

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masculine suits for women
The Romeo Suit—Custom Made Women’s Suits from Vigilante Labs

Hey dapper brides, trans men, androgynous folks, genderqueer friends, and anyone else who wants to look their stylish best in a suit on their wedding day: have you found your look yet?

If not, I’ve scrounged up a few killer options for masculine suits made for folks who may have some curves.

From butch to slightly femme, these suits are ripe for customizing to your look and measurements.

Which one would you rock?

Loving this custom tuxedo look! You can get it here.


Because Ministry of Supply suits are made with stretch, folks tend to find that they fit people of ALL genders better.


Black gabardine… the perfect look for an androgynous lover. From Vigilante Labs


Turns out that David’s Bridal has finally noticed that some female-bodied folks want masculine suits! This fitted lewk is hot
Or maybe you want it in white?



suits for trans men
Yeoman Vest from Haute Butch


The Parker Blazer from JCrew has a nice feel to it… plus it’s bi-stretch cotton, which feels very appropriate for those of us on the B side of the LGBTQ rainbow.


masculine suits for women
Pinstripes and Brocade from Vigilante Labs


This one is SUPER affordable



ASOS makes this cute set — check the cut-outs on the side of the blazer!


suits for trans men
Hall Street Suit by Bindle & Keep


This suit from ASOS is so green, so androgynous, so hot.
This is the Georgie suit from Kirrin Finch
This suit is giving me ’80s POWER SUIT vibes!
Did someone say SEQUIN SUIT?!

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