How Epic Couples coaching can help you prepare for marriage

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Epic Couples for epic loves.
Epic Couples for epic loves.
Real talk: Wedding planning is hard. Marriage is even harder. While I'm planning my second marriage, I'm also planning to do a lot of different things this time around. The number one thing I'm planning to do: get some kind of pre-marital counseling. That's why I'm stoked to talk about our sponsor Epic Couples — a pre-marriage coaching program.

I love how marriage coach, Shannon Hall, Ph.D., described their program:

Offbeat Bride readers want more than just an epic wedding. They want an epic marriage! Epic Couples helps you become co-founders of an incredible life together.

In my quest to be the best partner I can be, I spent countless hours diving into the science of relationships. There's a ton of good data on what works best in partnership, but none of it is presented in a way that's easy to grok and tailored for a new generation looking for love.

We've hacked the science of relationships into practical steps so you can easily learn the habits and practices of happily married couples. Our salons and coaching sessions are playful and informative, with proven techniques to bump up your relationship intelligence quickly.

The Core Skills for Lifelong Love

In Epic Couples' coaching sessions, they provide a unique and personalized approach to each couple, and they tailor their sessions towards your specific needs and vision for your future together.

The questions you'll explore together include:

  • "If we are in love, then why do we fight?"
  • "Now that I know why we fight, how do we fight better and less often?"
  • "How do we live a life of meaning, fun, and purpose?
  • "How do we manage chores and finances like pros?"
  • "How can I continuously be the best lover I can be for my partner?"

The Epic Couples coaching program includes:

  1. An initial 30-minute consultation to learn about your vision and needs as a couple
  2. Five private coaching sessions on the core partnership skills that matter most
  3. Five short guides on each skill to continue the learning after the coaching sessions


What the couples are saying:

This is a testimonial from a couple who have participated in private coaching…

"We turned to Epic Couples when we decided to take our relationship to the next level… moving in together! We wanted help discussing the pertinent issues surrounding this next step but didn't know where to turn.

With Shannon's insightful guidance, we were able to navigate the core skills necessary for a healthy partnership. We knew we made the right choice in a coach when she was able to tailor each session to our specific needs. She was able to walk us through challenging discussions we would not have thought to have on our own.

We came out of each session feeling closer and with an even more positive outlook on our future as a couple. Thank you Shannon for the fun and invigorating sessions!" -Drew and Andrea

Offbeat Discount:

Right now, Epic Couples is having a "Summer Love Special" where you can get in on the program for $695. But the regular price of $995 resumes on August 1, 2016. So if you were thinking of doing some kind of pre-marital relationship sessions together, now is the time to snag this deal!

Craft Your Epic Wedding Ceremony and Vows

Special wedding bonus: The launch of the new salon, “Craft Your Epic Wedding Ceremony and Vows”

Because Epic Couples also wants you to have an epic wedding as well as an epic marriage, they also offer an online ceremony salon that gives you an easy, step-by-step process to craft the ceremony of your dreams!

Just download the step-by-step workbook, watch the three video modules with detailed guidance on how to craft your ceremony like a pro, and then fill in the workbook together (aw, cute!). Then BOOM! You could've spent months looking for the help you need… or you could join the salon and complete your ceremony together in the span of a Saturday afternoon.

"Before finding this guide, we searched and searched for a good place to guide us towards writing our ceremony and vows. We spent a ridiculous number of hours digging for information on how to write our vows from start to finish. Shannon, your approach is simple and inspiring. It's practically a Bible for us. I have it on my night stand now and highly recommend the same to any couple.” -Inessa O. and Timothy C., San Francisco

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 10.24.28 PM

Right now the ceremony salon is 30% off for Offbeat Bride readers. But it's only available to the first 200 takers — so take advantage of this deal while you also snag some amazing marital prep and do the work to strengthen your relationship for years to come!

  1. Absolutely awesome! I know so many brides and grooms that just pour every ounce of energy they have into the wedding and forget that marriage is more than one beautiful night, it's for life!! Epic post, will definitely share. Cheers 🙂

    • Thanks, Ronald, for the props! Once couples have this sort of experience together, they feel like they are in a new and improved relationship (even if things were already pretty good!). To boot, research shows that couples who get pre-marriage coaching are 30% less likely to end in divorce. Woot for love!

  2. It sounds like a great idea, but we're in the UK – any pointers towards books etc that we can use tribesmates?

    1 agrees
    • We've been trying to find a pre-marriage counselling course like this (personalised, you're not just a number) in Melbourne, Australia. Do you do Skype consultations?

      Also a round up of useful books would be great

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