Rainbows all the way down: a marriage equality celebration

Updated Oct 12 2015
Photo by Yaritza Colon

Regular readers of Offbeat Bride know that we feature same-sex couples every week (like Washington residents Chad and Matthew pictured at left)… but this week is a little extra special here in the U.S. since Maine, Maryland, and Washington have all just passed initiatives furthering marriage equality (and Minnesota voted down a constitutional marriage equality ban).

To celebrate these victories, we're traveling down memory lane to share some of our favorite same-sex weddings that we've featured over the past six years in our gay, lesbian, and LGBT archives.

Gesche and Johanna have stolen our hearts with their cherry blossom and fairy-themed weddings. Photo by 2Brides Photography

Kyle and Drew live in Seattle, Washington, so they are probably pretty happy right now. Photo by Jenny Heath

Angel and Candi boogied down at their vegetarian shindig. Photo by Tom Stricktland

Ronnie and Brent's red velvet armadillo cake stole the show. Photo by Leah and Mark

Jennifer and Kiona rocked their Arizona wedding barefoot with bubbles. So much love. Photo by John Newsome Photography

Jazell and Debra were part of the Pop Up Chapel event in New York City, which brought together unique arches to 24 same-sex couples for an open-air ceremony. Photo by Roman Francisco

Daniel and Sauce totally know how to get down and celebrate love. Photo by BG Productions

Gay balloon arch love!
Jenni and Karen had a lovely civil ceremony in New York (which was the first same-sex wedding in Dobbs Ferry, NY) and a Hindu ceremony! Photo by Stu Bayer

Julie and Rebecca re-enacted the last dance scene from Dirty Dancing. I think they had the time of their lives, and hopefully as we see more states rolling out marriage equality, more same-sex couples will have the opportunity too. Photo by Sarah Tew Photography

Andrea & Stacy
Ariel's aunties were featured in the Offbeat Bride book. Photo by Ariel.

SF Zoo Wedding: Carousel Kiss
Julie & Stephanie had their 2009 wedding at the San Francisco Zoo! Photo by Lilia Photography

Even more confetti!
Fran & Siobhán were showered with confetti as they exited their feminist, disability-friendly, colourful, vegan wedding. Photo by Rob Bird.

Meghann & Shasta's colorful butterflies-and-feathers garden wedding included this shot which was merely captioned "EPIC PHOTO OF EPICNESS."

WANT EVEN MORE LOVE!? You can check out how Offbeat Brides and grooms reacted to New York's Marriage Equality Act in 2011, or just spend some time basking in the joy of our gay, lesbian, and LGBT archives. YAY!

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  1. But all these pictures make me happy. You can just see happiness exuding from all these couples! So glad 4 more states have been added to the marriage equality list, and can't wait until we see all 50

  2. Thank you for celebrating this on OBB. We're certainly celebrating this small step here in Minnesota!

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