5 ways you never thought to rock marquis diamonds in your engagement ring

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Ooh, this Bezel set marquise diamond engagement ring is from SillyShinyDiamonds

Ah, the marquise diamond. It's awesome, it's unique, and it's often hard to think of creative ways to set it. True story: my best friend inherited her grandmother's marquise diamond engagement ring when she got engaged, it was pretty but the setting wasn't offbeat enough for her taste. So off she went researching marquise engagement ring settings, and didn't come away with much. Oh how she wishes these rings had been around…

I bet you'll see at least three ways you've never thought to rock a marquise diamond…

Flip it on its side

Horizontal marquis diamond ring from JVSConcepts

That same friend I mentioned above, totally did this with her marquise diamond and it BLEW MY MIND. Yes, it's embarrassing that the editor of Offbeat freaking Bride didn't think to turn something traditional on its side, but hi, I'm Megan, and this surprised the hell out of me. How cool does it look though? I mean, how freaking cute is this one! I forsee a future where wearing a marquis on the horizontal will be just as popular as ye ol' vertical settings.

Go crooked

If setting a marquise on its side freaked your freak as much as it did mine, then you can imagine how stoked I was to see this crooked marquise diamond ring! I love the organic vibes. It's just ever-so-slightly off-kilter and genuinely lovely — just like you.

Expand the band

Who says that, just because the marquis is so elegantly long and pointy that it has to stick way far out? Why not think about widening your band, and adding a halo, so that it looks like one bad-ass piece of jewelry that would do some major damage in a fistfight? Here's one great example of wide-banded marquise diamond ring.

Get colorful — or go dark!

The marquis shape makes a big impact in any stone. How stunning is this alexandrite marquis diamond!? I can't stop staring at it. Or what about this one with a pear-cut salt & pepper diamond surrounded by marquis diamonds?

Double up

What's better than one marquise diamond? Two! It's not cheap but this twin marquise diamond engagement ring has us like WOAH.

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Comments on 5 ways you never thought to rock marquis diamonds in your engagement ring

  1. Love these settings, especially the one in the first image.

    On a slightly unrelated note: my mother once bought a ring with a marquis cut diamond in it on a holiday to Turkey (I was 12-ish at the time). It had a setting like the ‘Get colorful’ option, but with 4 prongs instead of six (the ones at the sharp end were not there). At the end of the holiday she was packing up and as we were about to go to bed after she was done, she looks down at her ring and exclaims: “Oh my god, where is the stone?!”. It had fallen out. We were all very afraid it had become lodged in one of the suitcases, necessitating unpacking them all. Apparently faith was with us that day because I took a dive towards the floor of the hotel room and almost immediately found it next to the leg of one of the sidetables. She had the setting altered to a 6-prong one as soon as we were back home. And I learned to always double-check the settings of my rings.

  2. I love my marquise! It’s unique and relatively uncommon — So many people ask me what kind of diamond/what cut is that, etc.

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