A modernized Mad Man-style wedding updo

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So, who's watching Mad Men and who loves the hairstyles on that show?

Our favorite How-To Hair Girl, Roxie Hunt, released a video with a tutorial for a modernized Mad Men-style updo that would be a pretty easy style to rock on your wedding day.

She even includes a sweet little headband in the style, too!

Check out the video and the screen caps below for the gist.

Go check out more of Roxie's awesome hair advice!

Comments on A modernized Mad Man-style wedding updo

  1. oh wow! do you think this would work with a blusher veil? getting married in a month (EEK) and would love to not have to pay for something else, like my hair.

    • I can’t see why not. It looks like a clip could go anywhere along the headband line or from the back.

  2. That’s awesome! Explained so well I’m sitting here thinking even I could do it!

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