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Okay, my love of groom's cakes has now reached the “full-blown obsession” level. We already know that grooms get the coolest cakes; it's like, the southern tradition of the groom's cake gives couples permission to get a little funky and silly with their desserts. Though it's not always likely that you can afford a second cake made in the shape of your husband's favorite musical instrument?

OR CAN YOU? Whether you're marrying a classical musician, ukulele player or pure rock ‘n roll god, this guitar cake sets the tone for your music-inspired wedding for $13 + baking supplies.

Not into music? No worries, there are so many great options including ones for sports lovers, book lovers, and even a 3D teddy bear!

Monkey cake!

This round cake mold is kind of the shit. You could, of course, make a ball-sports related groom's cake, but with a little creativity you could be whipping up things like the dinosaur cake as well. Love it.

Speaking of dinosaurs, I have a bit of a crush on the partysaurus cake pan.

Got a book nerd on your hands? Have I got the cake pan for you! I could see some of you guys doing a Harry Potter groom's cake kind of thing for sure.


I've seen WALL-E cake toppers, but never a WALL-E cake before. Perhaps that'll change now?

I know a lot of people who are into trains and this 3D train cake mold trips me out.

Surrender to the Dark Side — we have delicious cake.

Pirate ship cake, perfect for your pirate wedding.

You could use this cute teddy bear cake mold to make a cute teddy bear, OR you could use it to make an awesome zombie teddy bear with a decapitated head.

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Comments on Make your own awesome groom’s cake

  1. My mom decorated cakes when I was little, so I’ve long had a love affair with cake moulds and icings and loveliness.
    I will now drop a protip on you: the cake pan shape and details are just a suggestion, man. Teddy bear? A little carving, that’s teddy kitty. Acoustic guitar? Hell naw, I’m carving that bitch into a bitchin’ axe. Monkey? Cut the tail off and draw on a cute person face and head hair and it’s a cute person.

    • lol hellzzz ya, I just got the guitar for my sons 1st “Mamas dont let your babies grow up to be cowboys” birthday. I also plan on using it for the groom cake in our wedding. The Axe is an awesome idea! thank you!

      • ooh and then maybe get one of those edible photos to lay on the other page? I see a very awesome engagement party cake in my future…

    • EXACTLY! I love how all of these can be completely customized to fit your particular tastes (literally and figuratively F-YEAH CAKE!).

  2. It’d be super easy to ice “Once upon a time” or “Happily ever after” on the book cake. I’m in love.

  3. Such a Wilton fangirl. My mom catered and did cakes for years and I would spend weekends flipping through the Wilton cake yearbooks. Definitely got some great ideas for groom’s cakes–and love dootsiebug’s point about changing things up!

  4. Can someone please explain the tradition behind a grooms cake? I’d never heard of it before OB… love the cakes that people come up with but just unsure why people decided that there needs to be a grooms cake as well as a wedding cake?

      • haha. It does… and it doesn’t Megan! From what I’ve read (so far), it’s basically an awesome cake because the “normal” cake is boring and girly and wedding-y… In Offbeat Bride world, I don’t think I’ve seen many boring wedding cakes (apart from my own) so wondering why Offbeat Brides feel the need to have two awesome cakes? I mean, personally, I think the more cake the better! But unless you’re making it yourself, the cakes get bloody expensive…

        • I don’t think anyone (except maybe Southern brides?) feels the NEED to have a groom’s cake. They’re probably are in the same boat as the two of us and think 2 cakes is better than 1 cake. OR sometimes people have a groom’s cake as the gluten-free option, or they have one because their mother made them get a traditional wedding cake, or they have one because they wanted to give their guests more cake options, or they just had two brilliant cake ideas. But yeah — the more cake the better! 🙂

  5. Does anyone else immediately think of the red velvet armadillo cake in Steel Magnolias whenever they hear “groom’s cake?”

    My groom does not like sweets, so I think I might have to do a “Groom’s Cheese Board.” He LOOOVES him some cheese.

  6. Right. Book cake for me, dinosaur cake for him. Mine will be actual pages from a Sherlock Holmes book. His will be a partysaurus.


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