How to make the most of your Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide Listing

We're so happy to have you as a member of the Offbeat Bride Vendor guide!

Welcome! We genuinely believe that it's the best way for vendors to reach offbeat-minded couples, and we want to make sure that your first year of being listed with us is a big success. Your return on investment is a really big deal to us.

That in mind, we've created this onboarding series as a month-by-month guide to getting the most from your vendor listing.

We've got tips and best practices to make sure you get the most from your investment… everything from increasing the visibility of your listing, to social media strategy, to how to update your listing with fresh images, and more.

Let's dive in!

First thing's first: download your free guide to inclusive wedding marketing

One of the benefits we offer to our vendor guide members is a FREE copy of Offbeat Bride's Guide to Inclusive Marketing for Wedding Vendors. Reading the guide before you produce your vendor guide listing is a great way to ensure that your listing aligns with our reader's values around diversity and inclusion. Don't wait: DOWNLOAD TODAY!

Month 1: Show off your affiliation with a badge

Our vendors have told us that one of the big draws to join the Offbeat Bride Vendor Guide is that they LOVE having their business associated with the Offbeat Bride brand community. This is so incredibly awesome, and something we take very seriously… so we want to make sure that you're getting the most out of your association with our site.

The easiest way to show off that you're part of our community is to add an Offbeat Vendor Badge on your website. We made these cute little vendor badges specifically for our vendors to brag about their affiliation with us. Add one to your site today! Let us know if you need any help.

Get your badge

(Use password weloveourvendors)

Month 2: Upgrade your listing with extra locations or categories

Your vendor guide listing includes one location and one category… but you can upgrade your listing to be listed to additional categories or locations. A few examples:

  • A photographer who is based in Vermont but works weddings across New England can upgrade to be added in multiple states.
  • A dressmaker who also makes veils can upgrade to be added to the Accessories category, in addition the Dresses category.
  • An online retailer who also has a retail shop can upgrade to be listed both in the Online Vendors location, as well as the state where their brick & mortor shop is located.

Cost is $50 each per location or category.

To upgrade your listing, email us!

Month 3: Submit a wedding to our blog

At this time, we're only accepting vendor submissions from folks who are in our vendor guidewhich means we're dying to see your weddings!

The coolest part? Blog posts featuring your work will include a link to your vendor listing, and your listing will get a link to the blog post where your work was featured! You can see an example in this listing, and this post.

If you want some best practices on submitting your work to wedding blogs, we strongly recommend reading this post: How to submit photos to wedding blogs: 6 secrets from a wedding blog editor to help YOUR photography get noticed.

Ready? Let's do this!

Submit a wedding

Month 4: Update your listing

Your vendor guide listings can be updated at any time during the year. Sure, this means it's easy to change your contact info or social link, but it also means you can be adding new photos, new client testimonials, or seasonal promotions. Click “Update Listing” at the bottom of your listing page to get to it!

Month 5: Buy an Instagram promotion

As a member of our vendor community, you're eligible for placement on the @offbeatbride Instagram account! Our Instagram promo gets you photo posted on @offbeatbride's Instagram account plus a promo in our Stories, with an @reply your business page to help you reach new followers. We'll work with you to schedule it for just the right time. Here's an example.

Buy an Instagram Promo

Month 6: Convert offbeat clicks into offbeat clients with a blog post

New vendors sometimes worry that Offbeat Bride readers will click over from their listing on our site, not see enough offbeat work in their portfolio, and leave.

Here's how you can get those offbeat clicks to convert to offbeat clients: Write a blog post detailing what you love about Offbeat Bride clients and why you want more of them… then link that blog post from your vendor guide listing!

Don't feel like you can't talk about Offbeat Bride clients if you haven't had any yet — detail what you love about nontraditional clients and why you want to work with more. Describe exactly the kind of work you want to be doing. This can go a long way toward making potential offbeat clients feel invited and included in your work.

And then share your post with us… we want to see it! 🙂

Email us a link to your post

Month 7: Review your results, and let's talk

We are deeply invested in how our listings perform for you, and after a few months, we hope you're seeing clicks turn into conversions. Now's a great time to check in with us: How are things going?

We're happy to chat with you about how your vendor listing is performing. What's been working great? Are there any improvements that could be made? How can we support your promotions? Do you have any questions about your listing? Do you have any success stories you'd like to share? We LOVE your testimonials, but we're equally interested in hearing if things haven't gone as you'd hoped.

So take a look at your clicks and conversions and let us know: How is your listing performing?

Email us today

Month 8: Share helpful resources to boost your credibility and visibility

As y'all probably know, when your business shares relevant and useful content on social media like Facebook or Pinterest, you can really boost your engagement. This engagement then helps you establish your credibility with your existing clients and increases your visibility with potential clients.

This in mind, we assembled our favorite resources for engaged couples into one big guide with 50 posts that vendors find the most helpful to share with their clients. If you share one of these with a link to your vendor listing, it can boost both your credibility AND listing visibility.

Share these posts

Month 9: Update your listing again!

As a small business ourselves, we know that a lot can happen in eight months, and we're guessing that at the very least you've got new photos to share — but maybe even a new address, updated website URL, or even new services you're offering.

Remember that you can login and update your listing as many time as you want! And then every time you update it with new pictures, it gives you an excuse to re-share the listing on your social media.

Month 10: Boost your authority by becoming an industry insider with a post on our blog

Offbeat Bride's ongoing series of “Industry Insider” blog posts share useful tips and tricks for brides and grooms, straight from the vendor's mouth — and they can go crazy viral. While anyone can submit an Industry Insider post, we only link to an author's business website if they're in our Vendor Guide. Check out how these links look on this post.

Industry Insider posts are a great way for you to establish yourself as an industry authority AND boost the visibility of your vendor listing to our readers. Have you written any helpful posts on your business website that you think would help our readers? You should submit it!

Submit an Industry Insider post

Month 11: Look back and look forward

We're nearing the end of your year in our Vendor Guide, and that means it's time to do some scheming. This is a great time to look back at your year, and take stock. What were your biggest successes? Where does your business still have room to grow? What worked this year? What results did you see? What aspects of your vendor listing felt like a hit with clients and which ones didn't land?

Did you get any Offbeat Bride clients who should be included in your listing? It's almost time to renew, so now's a great time to look at your results and gather your greatest hits… and tell us about your experience!

Again, we LOVE sharing vendor experiences on our Testimonial page, but we also want to hear from you if things haven't worked out.

Email us today

Month 12: Renew your listing

At $250, our renewals are super affordable… especially since your renewal includes a bump back up to the top of your relevant categories and locations and a full revamp of your listing (new text, new pictures, new everything if you want). Renewing is the perfect time to add stories from Offbeat Bride clients to your listing, add pictures of their offbeat weddings, and optimize your listing text to focus on what worked for you last year (and ditch the stuff that didn't land).

Our support unicorn is here to walk you through the entire process of renewing and updating your listing in all the ways you want… but you can get a jump-start on the process by renewing today! We'll add 12 months to your current expiration date, so you don't need to wait for your listing to expire before renewing.

Renew today!