These are the biggest rings Joseph Jewelry has ever made, and they’re freaking glorious

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The central stone in this ring is a 30.26 carat blue topaz!

We have a LOT of fun with our sponsor Joseph Jewelry. Did you catch Ariel's latest sparkly romp in their Seattle storefront on our Instagram Stories?

Clearly, Ariel was shocked and delighted by their HUGE AF gemstone rings, so I thought I'd share some of them with you for your perusing pleasure.

Beyond gawking at the stupendousness of these bad boys, we can also talk about ways to make gemstones or make a diamond look bigger. (I mean, we already covered how to make a diamond look smaller.) Or perhaps you've inherited a massive diamond or gemstone from your partner or your family, and you're wondering how to have it re-set. Joseph Jewelry DEFINITELY has some inspiration for you. They can make virtually anything you can dream up.

SO, let's talk about how to go big today…

Custom Rose Gold Pink Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

Halo settings

The easiest way to make a diamond look bigger is to use a halo setting — the one where small diamonds encircle the center stone. (Extra big points if the halo setting stones match the center stone.) See how the 3.09 carat oval pink sapphire goes from big to WHOA Big with the matching halo of pink sapphires.

Custom Amethyst and Diamond Fashion Ring

Here's a classic diamond halo setting. It works with all shapes and sizes.

Custom Diamond Pave Engagement Ring

Or you can go really wild with your halo and have Joseph Jewelry custom make it look more like a giant bird's nest.

Add extra prongs

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring

I am so in to six prong settings. The more prongs you have, the bigger the stone will seem.

Three stone rings

Custom Three Stone Aquamarine and Diamond Engagement Ring
Custom Three Stone Emerald and Diamond Engagement Ring

You're looking at a 2.79 emerald with two side stones that total 1.39 carats. That's a lot of emerald cut bling for your ring.

Lab grown diamonds and gemstones

Lab grown diamonds and gemstones are a great way to get more carat for less money. And Joseph Jewelry can totally hook you up with lab grown gemstones in any shape, size, AND color. Check it out.

Design your own ring

Custom Castle Diamond Fashion Ring

This is not only one of the biggest rings Joseph Jewelry has ever made, it's also one of the coolest and most intricate. It's a perfect example of how they can literally make anything you want (I mean, within reason).

I know from real life experience that you can bring Joseph Jewelry your ideas, or some inspiration pictures, and they can create photo edits and sketches of what you have in mind. Then, once you're satisfied, your dream ring becomes a reality… a beautiful reality.

Clearly the folks at Joseph Jewelry love getting creative and making super offbeat and totally original rings. So if you have big dreams of even bigger rings, or even if you have small #ringgoals, you should reach out to Joseph Jewelry to create anything (anyring?) you want!

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